480x272 on PSP ver 3.51

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    I have read many forums regarding the ability to display UMD quality video on a PSP, using the memory stick. It seems like the most knowledgable people recommend the kludge of using 368x208, and then zooming it up to 480x272. Why? UMD video looks so much better than the 368x208 compromise. Clone DVD Mobile has a script which allows: [PSP Patched (AVC/H264, Ver. >= 3.03 OE-B)]. When I tried it on my PSP ver 3.51, it did not work. So I searched the forums and found out that ver 3.51 is S.O.L. for native video. So, I decided to hack away at the cDVDm script, and, Hello Nelly... I figured out a way to encode 480x272 @ 8Mbs. Looks better than UMD, in my opinion. You need a 1-2GB stick for a movie, but the quality is astonishing. Just curious if this is something of interest to others?
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    I was hoping to use CloneDvD Mobile with my PSP 3.50 ver to copy some movies I own but I guess based on what you say it will not work without your fix. SO yes I would have interest in it as well.
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    480x272 native res on PSP

    I have tried every single software package on the planet to encode 480x272 video on my PSP ver 3.50+. NONE OF THEM WILL DO IT. Maybe I am missing something, and maybe most people (and SW packages) just do not care for 480x272. One thing is for sure, SlySoft definitely does not care about their customers. That is why they never answer emails to customer support. Including the one where I tried to tell them how to encode 480x272 on PSP Ver > 3.03.

    I am not going to lie, you need a 2GB-4GB memory stick to see UMD quality video on your PSP, and it takes a while to encode, but it is so worth it, if you can afford the $100.00 memory sticks. Maybe there is more of a desire to have 4 movies on your memory stick, than one really, really high-quality one?
    I am not one of those kinds of people, I want ultra-quality from my memstick!

    Pop in a 16:9 UMD video, and you will think 'Holy crap that looks good, how come my memstick videos are cheesy compared to UMD' There is a way to use CloneDVD Mobile to encode 480x272 @ 4-8 Mbps. But, I guess it only works on a hacked version of 3.03???? I don't have a hacked version of 3.03, so I guess I am just S.O.L. I have a non-hacked PSP, so I guess it does not work on those versions? (I am so sick of the incompatible video ? icon)

    I have sent emails to SlySoft to tell them how to do it, and they could care less. I have seen many, many, many complaints about this on many, many, many websites. It seems like SlySoft could sell more copies of CloneDVD Mobile, if they are the ONLY software package that can do 480x272 on ver 3.03+. Trust me SlySoft, there are videophiles out there that will gladly purchase your product, if it can encode 480x272 on a newly-purchased PSP.

    This is perfect example of how, 'not answering emails' can bite you in the ass.

    (Forum members: give me a private email, and I'll send you the instructions)
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    Please send me also the instructions!!!

    Would be very kind of you!!!

    Thank you!

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    Dearest Henzap,

    we have been struggling with this PSP fullres problem for quite a while now and simply couldn't get it to work - basically because the PSP will not tell us exactly why it doesn't like our generated videos, that fully meet the specs.

    I'm looking at your support-ticket right now where you offered to tell us how to convert a working fullres video (instead of simply telling us how to, for some mysterious reason) and here I'll quote the reply, that was sent to you on July 11th:

    Believe me, our support doesn't leave support inquiries unanswered - I'm sure, your spam checker ate the response.

    So far - the only thing that's missing, is your reply.
    So please, please help us (and your fellow CloneDVD mobile users) to get this implemented at last! ;)
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    Why not use custom firmware as I use the PSP and custom firmware and never have these issues you are referring to? Sony is notorious about updates in their firmware to kill legitimate users PSP's to not upgrade or update. I bought my PSP and learned real quick that life is much easier with CF over official.

    I'll add that I can play all and any games as well. They do constantly update CF to add more features too and not to restrict users.

    This is just my thoughts that I thought I would share with you.
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    Just post your solution.
    I have been using XviD4PSP to produce PSP video at full res without a problem.
    What I don't understand is why Slysoft cannot do it if those guys can. Looks like slysoft is just not using the proper version of encoder with the proper parameters.
    XviD4PSP is free. The only problem with it is the lack of instructions and a poor GUI. There is a forum where you can find some explanation on how to use it.
    So slysoft, please chack it out and update your software that we paid for.
    One thing, I had good support from them up to now
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    Yes, please PM me! :)
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    Until and if Slysoft gets a AVC PSP Profile that works I recommend , the Gom Encoder from the makers of GOM Player. It has a profile that works fine for Full Res PSP Encodes that look and play Great.
  10. Scarpad

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    Check out the Gom Encoder, it's a Free (for Now) Beta Version that encodes Full Res PSP files Perfectly. They also Support many tweaks to make the file look better and to pad the aspect ratio.
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    One other problem with Xvid4psp is that it does not play well with Nero Recode and other Nero Programs. Mine Bombs out because of that and I use Nero too much to uninstall, When I've gotton Xvid4PSP to work its a great program. I recommend trying GOM Encoder, it does many formats including PSP Full Res extremely well. I still Use Clonemobile all the Time for making Ipod MP4's not AVC's , Slysoft just seems to have a problem getting AVC encodes to work properly
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    Well, seems to me like a lot of hot air, henzap.
    Don't think he really had a solution to this - he was just trying to look smart... :mad:
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    It's slow but it works great! Thanks.

    FYI - be sure you save the encode to the video file and NOT the mp_root directory or it won't work.
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    I still wonder, what Mr. Henzap's solution would have been, because it was a lot more work to do than simply create a new profile ... ;)
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    Clonemobile is great but I have noticed that the new version is taking forever to encode high res PSP files.

    Is there going to be a fix for this?
  16. Peer

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    No, it's not some sort of a "bug".
    The new profiles are created with the AVC/h.264 codec, which creates a lot smaller files than the "old" MPEG4, but takes considerably more processor power. No way around it, sorry.
  17. poolshark2014

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    If my PSP is using Custom Firmware M33 3.52 then which option should I choose when using Clonemobile to make great quality movies?
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    Does anyone have a good method for high quality movies on the PSP that they are willing to share?

    I have tried with Clone Mobile using various settings/resolutions/1, 2, 3 passes, etc, and my success rate is in the neighborhood of 50%. I don't have so much time to waste on this process.
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    Have been a SlySoft Customer from first month they offered AnyDVD download.
    Never failed to reply to e-mail, PDQ I might add.