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    I have "Any Dvd" but i use dvd x copy platinum for writing and burning my movies.With all the updates that Sly Soft sends out my Any Dvd works great.I was just wondering how to remove the 321 studios message in the beginning of my back up movies.If anyone can help me,i would appreciate this. thanks Joe
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    If the "Remove annoying adverts and trailers" feature doesn't work (Right click the red fox icon on your toolbar. Select "settings". Select "Video DVD" on the left. On the right, select "remove annoying adverts and trailers" ), then there's nothing Anydvd can do to help you. Anydvd's function is to decrypt protection on discs, and if you were able to backup the movie, then it worked.

    I don't perceive your problem as being an issue that has anything to do with Anydvd.
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    Yeah, it sounds like DVD X Copy just inserts its own message into the beginning of any movie you burn. CloneDVD doesn't do that FYI. There might be a setting or something in DVD X Copy that will get rid of its little ad in the beginning, but I'm not familiar with the program.
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    I know people really try to get the most out of their investment when you purchase software but there really is a time when one must move on to another product.

    At the least I'd use AnyDVD and switch to using DVD Shrink or the old DVD Decrypter which are both free. There are more than a few other options as well. But, I'd personally recommend CloneDVD2. You won't regret it.

    To each their own.