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    Hey Guys I try to backup 28 Days later and there are 2 playlists

    0799 duration 1:57:34
    0800 duration 1:53:07

    When I play it with powerddvd it plays the 0800, but clonebd shows me the 0799 one.

    Which one is the right one?

    LogFile is without Copyprotection, if you need the one with Copyprotection i have to go to the basement and get the real deal.

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    Logfiles from decrypted iso's are useless. You'd have to check in the preview players but most likely just a minor difference like signs in a different language. But going by the time difference I'd go with a normal and 'director's cut' or something.

    CloneBD preselects a title but that doesn't mean you can't select the other one.

    Can't imagine it being anything else for such an old title.

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    Both playlists reference the same video file on the disc (00799.m2ts) with no additional files attached. Movie is originally 113 minutes from what I see, and 800.mpls is a common main playlist for Fox. Use the 800 one.

    Since both playlists use the same m2ts I don't think it's a Directors Cut. If there was one, powerdvd would give you the option to choose from the menu.
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    There are alternative endings for 28 Days Later. It's possible it's one of those.

    Nerd Tips: The 28 Days Later alternative endings were included to show fans and critics why the original ending was the best. The director wanted his movie to be as realistic and plausible as possible... besides the whole zombie thing.
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    I have an AU release of this disk and my playlist has a duration 1:53:07, so I'd suggest that is the Theatrical Version (no idea what the other one is as I don't have any other version on my disc).