16X or Maximum Clone DVD 2: what is faster?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Buddy, Mar 14, 2007.

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    Hi all,,,,, I've got a question, it might seem like a dumb one at the surface, but would really like to know the answer. I've looked over a lot of the posts, and haven't seen this Q , or maybe I missed it? When using CloneDVD2 and your setting up to burn a DVD, the pull-down window gives you to option of burning speeds: (Using a 16X DVD blank) the settings can be MAXIMUM, or I can pick the disk speed of 16X,,, now what one is faster??? I know sometimes when using Nero to burn, and it's at MAXIMUM, and the actual burn starts,, it can go as low as 4X, and sometimes 16X (using the SAME DISKS) when I leave it to the program to decide. BUT when I PICK 16X, the DVD will burn at 16X. Has anyone actually timed the burn process between MAXIMUM and 16X when you can pick either with Clone DVD2? I'm at the end of my trial with CloneDVD2, and I'm thinking about purchasing the Key, while I have other programs that burn DVDs like 1ClickCopy5 that also work flawlessly with ANYDVD, I do like the ease of operation of CloneDVD2, even though I've got a few Ohh-Ohhs from it at the end of the process. My point is I want to make my copy as fast as possible, what setting IS ACTUALLY the fastest: 16X or the Maximum setting ? As a final note ANYDVD ROCKS, and you guys/gals are doing a GREAT Job!:bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: OPPS I nearly forgot to mention I have a SamSung 18X SH-S182M/BEBN burner!
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    1. Burning at the fastest speed possible is not a good idea unless you have a very good burner and very good blank media. Recipe for bad burns (jitter/pi/po errors) . . .

    2. To better understand burn speed issues with Clonedvd read:

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    Webslinger is right on with his post Buddy. You may get the "completed succesfully" message at the end of a fast burn, (with any proggy), but if you compare the disk quality results with a utility such as CD-DVD Speed, of a burn completed at max, as opposed to one slowed down a bit, you will generally see great improvement by burning a bit slower.
    And the time lapsed difference, between burning at 16X, and say 12X, is really not that significant. (1:30-2:00 min). I believe, the better the quality, the longer the disk will remain playable.
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    Thanks for the information Webslinger and Sockeye, in the future I will select a 12X copy speed for improved quality.
    ANYDVD ROCKS!:bowdown: