1-to-1... why are there settings?

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    I may be a bit confused on how CloneCD works, or the concept of a 1-to-1 copy of a disc. And this may have been answered before, but...

    If CloneCD makes exact, bit-for-bit copies of the source disc, why are there even any settings? Why, for example, can I decide whether CloneCD should read subchannel data? Or have any digital audio extraction "quality" options?

    Any help would be appreciated. CloneCD is a great program, by the way, keep up the great work everyone.

    EDIT: I mean this from a disc-reading standpoint. It makes sense to me that, when making a disc-image, it would be appropriate for that image to have every single bit from the original disc on there. Obviously there would need to be different write settings to determine what would be written and what wouldn't, how fast it would be written, etc.
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    When using the "Copy CD" option when it comes to DVDs, it makes a 1:1 back-up. If the original is a DL disc, you must have a DL disc. There is no compression and the layer break is in the exact same place as the original. AnyDVD is needed to remove copy protection on commercial movie DVDs. A lot of people prefer to use CloneCD for back-ups for double/dual layer discs for that reason.

    You have other options when it comes to CDs or when using the "Read to Image File" or "Read from Image File" options.