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  1. pastorbadger

    Hulu giving me VTT Subtitles and calling them SRT [Solved]

    I thought I post an easy problem to help take your minds off the crisis. In order to make all subtitles work everywhere, what I've been doing is: 1: Download a TV show I want to watch, asking for a separate subtitle file as SRT. 2: Laboriously converting each episode’s .MP4 and .SRT file into...
  2. H

    New in PowerDVD 18

    Trial (build 2307): Downloader or Installer LG ODD Trial (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Ultra (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Pro (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Standard (build 1619): Downloader or Installer Live (build 2202): Installer Volume License (build 1619): Installer...