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    Trial License Ran Out

    Good Evening RedFox-Team My Trial License sadly ran out without me even using the product. I downloaded AnyDVD at the end of last year, may have started it once? i am not sure but shortly after i got the message that my grandparents got covid, so i had to drive to them, stayed with them and...
  2. F

    Trial has no place to enter key

    when I open my Trial version. I can not enter my license key. I am confused can someone help.
  3. R

    Slow dubbing on Any DVD

    I just downloaded the Any DVD 21-day trial and all of the sudden my dubs are taking FOREVER. I use both DVD Shrink and Nero. Can anybody tell me why it takes so long, like five hours for a 90 minute film? Thanks a lot. I was considering purchasing a license but I´m not sure now.
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    Limitations of Redfox AnyDVD HD trial version

    As thread title indicates... What are the limitations of Redfox AnyDVD HD trial version? Is the only limitation the 21 days? I have tested the software by ripping a few of my movies, and would like to know if I need to re-rip after I have bought a licence. Sorry if this question has been...