1. R

    Not a RedFox Issue Missing subtitles for Ribbit Hole Episode 1 & 2

    I have Paramount+ subscription under PV Canada, the show "Rabbit Hole" seems to be missing subtitles for Ep 1 & 2. Can anyone who have Paramount+ subscriptions (either standalone or under PV) in US confirmed the same? Thanks.
  2. DeepSpace

    Discussion Paramount+ in germany

    P+ is supposed to start tomorrow, but I wanted to take a look at the new bitrate feature, so I opened AS. Somehow jumped to the P+ tab and saw new buttons to login?! Of course I did immediately. Unfortunately, they don't have PayPal for some dumb reason. Only Credit Card. However, it was good...
  3. D

    [ Resolved] Paramount - A Quiet Place, Couldn't retrieve playlist.

    FYI When running Anystream ver with Paramount movie "A Quiet Place" I get error "Couldn't retrieve playlist." I then tried a number of others films and series with the same error. I know this occurs when the vendors make changes.
  4. DeepSpace

    AnyStream beta thread

    Was surprised to see an update on sunday, but even more suprised when I read 2022-05-22 Fix: Paramount+ now supported for non-US accounts I immediatley installed it and since I already tried to login it didn't asked for anything, just loaded the site! I then added Strange New Worlds to...