audio codec

  1. CraigR

    Discussion Opinions Requested: Is 720p Resolution Good Enough?

    Hello, everyone! Being new to AnyStream I was hoping for some advice from the experienced pros here in the forum. Here is my question: [VIDEO RESOLUTION TO SELECT FOR DOWNLOAD AND STORAGE] Considering the storage requirements for 1080p H.264 or H.265 video (especially TV series with 13+...
  2. I_Hurt_No_one

    Missing Audio tracks

    New user here for CloneBD. Attempting to backup my Ultra HD BDs and when selecting source, copy mode and selection all of the available audio channels are not available. I cannot see the Dolby 5.1 that i am seeing in HandBrake.
  3. A

    DTS-HD converted to AAC or AC3 result stong audio jitter (MP4-no video transcoding)

    I tried several titles, old and new, and all generated trembling audio, strongly observed especialy on slow music. I tried converting MP4 without video conversion but with audio conversion to AAC or AC3. Both are generating audio with this strong jitter. This makes the application useless for me.
  4. FelixDaHousecat

    Audio Options - Please Help?

    Hi People, sorry if this has already been answered but my search has proved fruitless. I am ripping blu rays to the MKV container and reducing their size to around 6GB. I then store these files on a QNAP NAS which is connected to a Denon receiver which in turn plays to my TV. No major problems...