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zune support

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by jonthegamer, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. jonthegamer

    jonthegamer New Member

    I was wondering when clonedvd mobile would get support for zune.
  2. roachgod

    roachgod Active Member

    The Zune plays H264 and mpeg4 vids. Both formats can be created by clonedvdmobile, you just have to adjust the profiles in the devices.ini file.
  3. roachgod

    roachgod Active Member

    Correction: the Zune software converts H264 to WMV, then you can watch it on the Zune.
    Don't understand why the Zune doesn't play Microsoft's own "PlayForSure" media formats. They should rename it to "PlayForSureButNotForSureOnTheZune" media... but that's DRM (Destroy Rights Movement)...
  4. jonthegamer

    jonthegamer New Member

    it realy needs a preset for that, which option do I choose to get mpeg4
  5. jasondunn

    jasondunn Active Member

    Yeah, as you pointed out, it won't play h.264 natively. CloneDVD Mobile really needs direct WMV support...:(