Zoom (Mag) & Slow Motion Control Restored to Original BD?

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    AnyDVD HD does a lot but does it do exactly what I want and how I want it done?

    I looked all through here but it doesn't specifically say so. https://www.redfox.bz/en/faq.html

    Zoom and slow motion features can really add to the excitement and realism by bringing you closer to the action. We have always enjoyed using these features with hardware and many software DVD players when playing DVD movies.

    Sadly, due to imposed restrictions presumably imposed by this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BD-J , the "zoom in" or magnification control is disabled when playing BD movies on virtually all Windows BD players. And zoom in (and out) and slow (and fast) motion controls are disabled when playing BDs in most or all hardware BD players. I was shocked and disgusted when first playing "Spirits of the Dead", "North by Northwest", "Single Man", "2001: A Space Odyssey", "Lolita" and all of my other BDs on my Cambridge 650BD player.

    With AnyDVD HD installed on a Windows 10 computer, are these restrictions detected and removed automatically upon insertion of the BD in the computer's BD drive?

    If BD-J or whatever drm is not removed automatically, are the zoom and slow motion restrictions removed with a few very simple mouse clicks in AnyDVD HD?

    When the BD is then decrypted and the changes saved, is the BD then immediately playable in a standalone hardware BD player (Panasonic, Cambridge, Sony)?

    And will zoom and slow motion controls (sound muted of course during slo mo) be fully accessible via the hardware player's wireless IR remote control?

    But if still disabled in a hardware player, will slo motion and zoom in features work fine when the decrypted BD is played in a software BD player (VLC player, Media Player Classic, Zoom player, JRiver, et al)?

    If yes, please specify which Windows players will do both zoom in and slo motion (sound muted of course during slo mo) on a decrypted BD.
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    Arcsoft TotalMedia Theatre supported Zoom for Blu-ray discs. I remember using it quite often on a monitor that had no 1080p resolution to zoom in on details of Blu-ray videos.
    The bad news is that this software is not sold anymore and it also only works on old versions of Windows 7 which didn't get the kernel update for Spectre/Meltdown protection because of an incompatibility with the protection driver of TMT.

    PowerDVD only supports a mode that zooms in until both of the monitor edges are filled with video (to support fullscreen video of 16:9 pillarbox on 4:3 monitors or 16:9 letterbox on 21:9 monitors).
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