Zoom Control Usually Reclaimed with BD-RE rips of BD movies?

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    I won’t have AnyDVD HD until I upgrade my ancient gear to an HP Xeon with ECC RAM early next year. While all of my Warners and most of my Twilight Time BDs have zoom control enabled all of my Criterion Collection BDs don’t. I can probably thank the use of Oracle’s BD Assn endorsed BD-J authoring platform which probably disables zoom, or at least does so by default.

    But my question simply is if I rip, say, Criterion titles “Gilda” (1946), “Leave Her to Heaven” (1945) or “All That Heaven Allows” (1955) and use Clone DVD (??) to burn it to a BD-RE, will I automatically regain zoom control when playing that disc on my Oppo 95 or Pioneer LX500 player? Or would I need to do something else?

    One more thing: When you rip a BD movie with a lossless DTS MA soundtrack does it remain identical and lossless when Clone DVD burns it to a BD-RE?

    And does the original menu from the BD movie remain intact and functions identically?
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    CloneDVD2 has nothing to do with Blu-ray discs, folders, files, isos, etc. pertaining with the Blu-ray disc format.

    You might mean CloneBD, which is available from elby as well.

    I don't know the answer to your other questions, but I was just correcting you about the use of CloneBD and CloneDVD2.

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    In CloneBD you can choose if you want to encode things or not. So you can just create a new single mkv or mp4 with the original audio and video quality, only with one language for example. Or you can remain the original audio, but go down to 720p for video.
    But since you wrote you want to burn it, you cannot go down to 720p on BD AFAIK. So if you only tell it to burn the rip as it is it will not touch it.

    If you do a full rip, yes of course. Only when you are going to remove some languages or bonus tracks, extras, subtitles etc then some links in the menu won't continue to work obiously. But Clone should warn you about it when I remember correctly.
    But you could try AnyDVDs speedmenus if it will not work. Cannot tell you about them, never used them but they should replace the original one.

    As for that, if you choose to rip the BD without copy protection within AnyDVD, you should be able to do anything you want with the zoom. Never used the zoom in my entire life, but of course it will stay locked if you burn a protectet iso.
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    It’s been a long time since I’ve been here and the last time I thought that sometime after AnyDVD HD was released no burning software but CloneDVD was then available, which apparently worked, however well. Thanks for the update.
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    Thanks very much for this very complete primer on using CloneBD. I do wish I could find more users here who at least occasionally enjoy using zoom, as it can obviously allow more intimate connection with the scene’s elements, albeit at a loss of resolution. But usable zoom largely depends on its design. In fact, unlike most standalone DVD players, most BD players have no zoom control (e.g. Sony, Panasonic, Reavon). My otherwise excellent Oppo 95 and all Oppo BD players have what I call “stupid” zoom in that they do up to 4x zoom but offer nothing on the remote to then let you move and center the part of the zoomed image you want on the screen. Such wonderful BD players but how stupid an omission!!

    All Arcam’s BD players offered full “smart” zoom. Sadly, Arcam dropped their BD player line. This only leaves the Pioneer BD players. I’m not sure if all Pioneer BD players offer smart zoom; you’d have to check the online manual pdfs. But the last two current Pioneer Elite models do; the crazy expensive UDP-LX800 and my UDP-LX500.

    But both models were recently discontinued. Happily, Voxx Intl (of all brands) rescued the Pioneer A/V products line from unstable Onkyo and created 11Trading.com to handle Pioneer service/parts support and to direct customers to local authorized service companies.

    I am looking for a second BD player with smart zoom like the LX500 or better (e.g. stereo output level control like on my Oppo 95 to directly feed my power amp), but it’s unknown if Pioneer are willing or able to market a successor model this or next year or ever.
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