Zodiac,Number 23 (main movie only)

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by sneakers, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. sneakers

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    Zodiac did fine at 60% compression which is understandable since the movie is 157 minutes.

    Number 23 is a little bit trickier. There are three main movies select the 2nd one which is the unrated version if you select the 1st one or the 3rd one you will get a blue banner at the bottom that comes on at every chapter stop telling you to press enter to learn facts about the movie. None of the subtitles appear to work. One is a fact track and the other two don't work.

    The compression is 100%.
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  2. kenreed42

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    the number 23

    On both back-up copy's of the movie "the number 23" that i've tried, I keep getting the pop up (fact's about the movie) on screen at the chapter break.
    How do I disable this feature?
  3. Dutchmo

    Dutchmo New Member

    rip without the subtitles
  4. kenreed42

    kenreed42 Member

    Thank's for the info....I'll try without the subtitles.
  5. Marjoe23

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    I used AnyDVD with DVD Shrink and it worked fine to backup the whole number 23 movie. This is another example of some movies that do not work right with the AnyDVD / CloneDVD combo until they upgrade AnyDVD to a new version. Basically CloneDVD in these instances compresses the backup to much causing pixelization artifacts in the copy,but the backup is coorect with AnyDVD / other tanscoder products i.e. DVDShrink. Hope this helps. BTW DVDShrink is freeware I think.
  6. lilwhitt

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    number 23

    I Tried The 2nd Version Like The First Respnse Said To And It Is Not The Unrated Version, It Makes Us Select On The Theaterical Version For The Movie To Play. Just Thought I Would Let You All Know, Anyone Else Know Anything?
  7. ricoman

    ricoman Well-Known Member

    Can you just turn off the subtitles on your dvd player. Hate to waste another disk on a mediocre movie.
  8. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    CloneDVD or better fixes this problem.
  9. mcdcad

    mcdcad Well-Known Member

    number 23

    Have tried to back up this title many times with no success. I have the latest version of clonedvd 2901 and the latest version of anydvd 6166. I keep getting the blue banner with each chapter. Any one have any answers. I read many threads on this subject and tried all the so called fixes no luck.
  10. sheep

    sheep Well-Known Member

    Use clonedvd and anydvd
  11. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    ... and tick the "keep menus" checkbox.
  12. mcdcad

    mcdcad Well-Known Member

    number 23

    Thanks just saw that there was another anydvd update trying the backup now. I have clonedvd I typed it wrong in my previous thread
  13. mcdcad

    mcdcad Well-Known Member

    What do you mean tick I tried the backup again still no luck still getting the banner between chapters.