Zen W - green static for video on every .avi


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Feb 10, 2007
Everytime I use CloneDVDMobile on ripped DVD files, I get green static for video. I can hear the audio, but the video is solid static-y green. It says the file was converted successfully to .avi, but I can't view them. Anyone have any idea?

I know the VOB files are okay because they play fine with DVD player. Doesn't matter if I rip with DVDshrink or DVDdecryptor, the results are the same....green video after conversion.

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Same problem with iPod

I had the same problem with ripping for iPod, but it cleared up after I installed the latest nVidia video drivers (from their website). Also, you may want to download VLC media player to verify that your hardware can handle it. Worked for me (before I installed the drivers).
yes, I have the same problem with the .avi files. Same exact green screen. I e-mailed slysoft and got no where. I decided to use generic divx until they fix it if they ever will
Green screen after conversion

You have to install the correct decoder. You get the green screen if you encode a DVD in DivX, for ex. and don't have the decoder installed. The VLC plaer brings his own decoders, so with this player the encoded video will show up even without any decoder installation. Try to download the DivX Codec from www.DivX.com (actual Version is 6.8) an try again....