You've got to be kidding!

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by FurryGuy, Nov 18, 2021.

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    Is there something about this program that you want to discuss, we have a third party sub forum bro, lol I see it was a link to an article, very funny FurryGuy, I mean it.
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  4. FurryGuy

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    This has really nothing to do with handbrake, per se, it has to do with the USE (really mis-use IMO) of the software. That is why I chose general chat.
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    The article is actually interesting and the tie in with Handbrake is even more interesting. But I am with James for sure. This forum is one of my escapes from all the nonsense and insanity, I would hate to see that stuff here even if it was unintended and I don't at all think FurryGuy meant to cause a stir I am just stating my opinion.

    EDIT - my reasoning above is ONE reason I hang out here. Another is the cool people.
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