Youtube-dl just got taken down by the RIAA / DMCA

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    - While it's called Youtube-dl, it is specifically coded to work with HUNDREDS of streaming services (including cable TV channels), Facebook, Twitter, etc., and can download video streams for offline viewing via the command line. (You have to log in with legit credentials to any site that requires logins to access.)

    - Hundreds of people contributed to the project over the past several years.

    - Some number of people (not sure how many yet) who have contributed to the project (including people who haven't worked on it for quite some time) have gotten cease and desist letters.

    - The takedown is coming from both German and USA based sources, but mainly the RIAA.

    - The takedown seems to be focusing on some code that gets around some URL obfuscation that YouTube uses for various music videos and such, which is kind of a stretch AFAIK calling that a "protection" in the same way CSS is to a DVD for example.

    - The latest version (9.20.2020) is still available from and other mirrors and mostly works. But, it will stop working as Google and other sources move their codebase around. Youtube-dl was very reliable, but only because it had hundreds of active contributors constantly fixing it as YouTube and other sites change their code.

    This is bad.
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    Only their GitHub repo got taken down. Currently, they are otherwise ok.
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    youtube-dl's GitHub repo has been restored, thanks to the EFF. Huzzah.
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    . The whole cause of this was some hard coded module to those 3 songs for testing purposes. Hot reinstated after removing the 'offending' code.

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