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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by SamuriHL, Aug 20, 2007.

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    Maybe things have changed and I lost track of what was happening in the world but doesn't Viacom still own Blockbuster? I know they sold off Blockbuster Music but as far as I remember they kept the video rental portion. Isn't it somewhat pradoxical that they'd exclusively go HD-DVD when Blockbuster is going exclusively with BR-DVD for rentals in stores?
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    That's a good question. Believe me when I say that I was absolutely stunned to see this happen. I figured that if anything, Universal would bend and start selling BD discs, not that BD would lose a studio. I would still like to see all studios support both formats and let the market battle this out, but, this is a very unusual move...especially considering the 2:1 ratio of BD sales to HD DVD. This is why I have both formats in my house...I don't want to get caught up in this nonsense at ALL. This is only going to end up pissing consumers off, IMO. One other thing to note in that article is that they claim they'll release HD DVD's day and date with the DVD releases. This is VERY good news. Nonetheless, what a strange announcement.
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    I have to agree on the battle lines and how studios shouldn't be helping decide who wins the war. IMHO, both formats should be released from the studios and the same damn content. Releasing a version on HD-DVD that has stuff a BR-DVD doesn't have [or the reverse] infuriates me because it's spitting in the face of consumers who shelled out a lot of money.

    I will not buy a standalone HD player until the dual-format players have been out and the standards are set so that my investment doesn't end up being a waste of money that won't handle all discs released at a later date because the BR morons can't set up a specification and stick with it.
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    I don't blame you. This is exactly why I decided to go with both HD DVD and Blu-Ray. Disney and Sony are dead set against HD DVD and will only ever support Blu-Ray. Now we've got this surprising move by Paramount. I'm sure James will jump up and down like a kid in a candy store on Xmas. :D But, I wanted to be able to play the content that I cared about without having to worry that it's not on the format I selected. Screw that. If they're going to play this game, I, the consumer, am not going to be the one to get screwed, thanks. Eventually I'll pick up a nice hybrid player, as well, for my bedroom. For now I have the 360/HD DVD drive and PS3. They work great as far as I'm concerned.
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    Here in Belgium, Europe, there aren't that many HD DVD titles or player on the market yet - same goes for Blu Ray players (top bluray player everywhere seems to be PS3) - but in general, to me it seems that at the moment Blu Ray has more worthwhile titles out and better forwardlooking capacities for the industry (not always in our favour, unfortunately). Seems to me that Blu Ray also has the marketing drive that HD DVD lacks. Honestly, average Joe doesn't know HD DVD here in Belgium - atleast some have heard about Blu Ray...

    Technically it has the plus of being able to store higher capacities of data for backup medium (compared to HD DVD) aswell.

    I'm not in favour of some protection policies: silly region coding, HDCP buggy protection system that can't even allow playback on screens with >1920x1080p or dual monitor digital setups. The only thing I want is to be able to play the media I buy from anywhere around the globe on my system (which exceeds required minimum specs, but cannot play it without anyDVD due to utterly stupid and useless region coding and HDCP...).

    I do not care so much about the discs being protected against copying: at the current price of blank HD media it's not even worthwhile to copy at all (now THAT is the means by which the industry can reduce piracy: keep original prices so competitive with blank media that it simply isn't interesting to make copies!), and I do think some of these people actually EARN their money (by that I mean the artists and not the distribution that creams off way too much).

    I see no point in the industry devising new ways of copy protecting the media: it only costs more money to us and to them (mastering, more expensive hardware, ...) , and is it going to stop people from copying? No. It won't. It will only annoy legitimate owners (who want to make their legal copy er even just PLAY it on their hardware).
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    Well, up until this announcement I thought Blu-Ray had won. I mean, with only Universal holding out, and sales 2:1 over HD DVD, I had written HD DVD off as being dead by this time next year. Now, I'm not so sure. We all need to remember that it took DVD a long time to gain any real momentum and to be taken seriously. The same is going to be true for high def formats, as well. We're talking about sales that are a drop in the proverbial bucket compared to DVD. I hedged my bets by taking both sides. The average consumer is not going to do that. They're going to pick the one with the most content. However, with Blu-Ray losing a studio now, things get more complicated. As I've said before, I wish they'd all release on both formats and let the consumer choose which format wins.
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    Solution is to get a combo player which can do HD-DVD and Blu-Ray.
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    They aren't cheap...not even remotely close. Currently it's quite literally cheaper to buy a player from each side than it is to buy a combo player. However, those high prices won't last long. Once they come down, and Blu-Ray is finalized, then it'd be worthwhile to buy one.
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    I know. Like $1000 and up right?
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    Currently, yea. I read somewhere that the first generation hybrids will be around 800 or so, but, still, that's insane. Wake me up when they hit 300 or under and with a finalized Blu-Ray spec. I'll keep my PS3 and 360 for now.
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    We're not buying any new gen player until they are down to $200. I think HD-DVD players from China will be $200 at the end of this year.
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    They should be. And there's a decent catalog of HD DVD out there. Just count out Sony and Disney for sure. But I can tell you that the Matrix movies, the Bourne movies, and many others look great on HD DVD. Hardware sales may yet help define this format war. I really do hope HD DVD wins because it's a great format and no region coding is really sweet.
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    Just in time.

    I was looking at Pioneer BD drive today.

    No, I am not going to buy it.

    Not until it is under $200.

    Now, look at this.

    Paramount owns Viacom.

    Viacom owns Blockbuster.

    Will Blockbuster change sides?
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    It's a really interesting question, isn't it? Just when I thought this war was coming to an end, we get an interesting move like this. It's been suggested that MS paid Paramount about 150 million(COMPLETELY unsubstantiated rumor alert on that) to get them to drop Blu-Ray support. I find that interesting. This is DEFINITELY going to reduce sales this Xmas, however. When it was becoming clear that Blu-Ray had an advantage over HD DVD, people were saying they were going to get into HD this holiday season. Now, things aren't so clear. So your experience of "I was just going to go buy but now forget it" is not atypical I'm afraid. More "wait and see" which may be what MS wants. Digital downloads anyone? Bleck. I want a disc...
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    I hope HD-DVD wins.
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    I hope HD-DVD wins as well.
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    Seems like everyone on here wants HD-DVD to win.
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    James has been hoping HD DVD wins from the beginning. I was firmly in that camp until I saw the BD sales numbers and the amount of studio support they had. So, I bought a PS3 to hedge my bets. However, this is a BIG win for HD DVD and is definitely a good thing. HD DVD is definitely a more consumer friendly technology and cheaper to make. What I doubt, however, is that Sony and Disney ever go to HD DVD. I could be eating those words some day and I REALLY hope I do. I like HD DVD. Blu-Ray is nothing short of amazing and I LOVE the PS3's movie playback, but, I'd love to see HD DVD win.
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    Have you thought about the numbers behind the numbers?

    BD: 1.7mln players (PS3 included) ~ 170,000 discs sold.

    HD DVD: 485,000 players ~ 85, 000 discs sold.

    Yes, BD outsells HD DVD 2:1.

    But considering the players in existence, BD sells 1 disc to 10 players. HD DVD sells 1 disc to 5. So who is outselling whom?