xxx2 burn will any dvd and clone dvd alow me to make back ups

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  1. wade7575

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    I want to get some adult videos from realcatfights (website).If you want to get videos and put them on a dvd you must download your movie and there xxx2 burn to burn it.I want to make a back up in case they get scratched will any dvd and clone dvd be able to make a back up from my disc's that were formated with xxx2 burn.
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  2. Whisperer

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    Welcome to ssf. What is "xxx2" burn?

    And could you reword your statement
    so that it makes better sense. Thanks

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  3. DrinkLyeAndDie

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    Some quick research showed XXX 2 Burn is a program for burning purchased V.O.D. porn to DVD. From the OP's post I would assume that the DVDs created from the VODs with XXX 2 Burn aren't able to be copied hence their post. Honestly, I've never heard of this before but it makes sense.
  4. wade7575

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    This is how it works whisper.You must first purchase the movie then download it and then use there xxx2 burn to put it on a disc.I have not down loaded anything yet till I find out more.My friend who is good at getting around copyrights and video editing told me he is sure if I use the xxx2burn and cannot make a backup from the xxx2burn disc he can talk to a friend of his who downloaded some stuff from the same site and removed some files and used anydvd and clonedvd to burn it from his harddrive.My friends friend is also a wonder with computers and just thought it was faster to remove the files because he has done this many many times before.I myself I am new to computers and would not have a clue at where to start at removing what files never mined where to find them so I thought for me it mite be simpler to use the xxxburn2 software and then use anydvd and clonedvd to make a backup copy that way.
  5. James

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    Sounds a lot like fluxDVD to me (used by CinemaNow). Well... my advice is, don't use such services. Just buy DVDs by mail order. The quality is usually much better, and you can certainly make a copy.