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  1. frippe

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    I just installed CloneDVD mobile, how do I setup to get Xvid output?

  2. sej7278

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    there's a post here somewhere of peer's that has the xvid profile, i think i couple of my posts link to it too. do a search.
  3. mike20021969

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    i thought XviD=DivX=AVI=mpeg4?
  4. sej7278

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    heretic! ;)

    as i recall xvid was an opensource implementation based on divx4 and is seen as slower but superior quality to divx5, and free :bowdown:

    they are both mpeg4 encoders. mpeg 4 is the standard - xvid, divx, nero digital and sorenson are all implementations of that standard.

    a newer version of mpeg4 is implemented by hddvd, bluray and h264.

    avi is just a container file format, like matroska (or evo/vob?) - not a codec, i.e. it combines the audio (mp3/pcm) and video (mpeg2/4) into a single file (along with "header" info like drm!)

    that's how i understand it anyway, bits may be wrong :doh:

    xvid profile: http://forum.slysoft.com/showpost.php?p=67264&postcount=18
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    Next Xvid detail to solve

    I've been playing with other Xvid converters to see where I'm going wrong with Clone DVD Mobile. The last remaining issue is with audio. I need the converted file in MP2 or two channel audio. Anyone know the code for the devices.ini file or is there another solution.