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    The fix listed here did not work, the maplom.exe made the cd stop responding, so if you look in device manager after the reboot that "fixed" this error you would find that it also disabled the cd/dvd-rom, at least on my end it did. So the fix was...boot up in safe-mode...remove game jackal, reboot... let it "fix" the "cddrv" and then re-install game jackal...no problems after that. Oh and this happened on XP sp3 rc2
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    I just started up my copy of XP and can't get into window due to the MAPLOM.EXE, not even booting to any of the choices on the F8 bootup menu, I go into the desk top be it salf mode or last known starting point and I get the BOSD, here is the code Maplom.exe stop; 0:000000CE ( OXBAA1AAC6, OX00000008,0XBAA1AAC6, 0X0000000 )
    I can not get into windows what do I do; reformat......????? PS:I don't know what ver of GJ it is because it has been awhile sense I used the computer.
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    I moved these posts from the other forum because it was not related to the patch in question (nor the O/S for that matter).

    The first thing is we don't test or fix issues related to Release Candidate software as it's possible that it will change for the RTM version.