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Discussion in 'General Hardware Issues' started by ETP, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. ETP

    ETP Well-Known Member

    Anyone building a XP 64 box?
    I just built one with XP 64 and I am struggling to fine a modem that will work. Also AnyDVD seems to work OK so far.
    Anyone else attempting this route?:D
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  2. jeff

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    I did this some time ago now, and I needed a modem for faxing (I assume you are talking about dial up?) And driver problems arose on almost everything!

    But now the drivers are available on the manufactures web sites for 'most' hardware, I would check the manufacturers site for upgrades. Most of the HAM modems seem to work on later builds of 64 I have completed where a modem was required. If you are on a DSL modem then all the netgear stuff works.
    Jeff :0)
  3. ETP

    ETP Well-Known Member

    Thanks, Yep I was referring to a PCI modem. My last USR I bought at Wal-Mart last night locked up my system on boot. Very strange. May get desperate and try an external but I have not declared defeat yet. Hard to do updates with no connectivity on that box. LOL
  4. Buzz

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    I have an xp64 system using 2 dsifferent dvd burners. Both work perfectly in x64. One thing to check: if you have nero & roxio media creator they have a compatibility issue when both are installed.
    Make sure you have the latest firm ware update for your burners and the correct x64 drivers.
  5. Bunnyrip2

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    Xp 64

    Anyone using Windows XP 64 bit version will find it very hard to get device drivers that are compatible. Not MSFT's fault, they don't make printers, modems, and other peripherals. I highly recommend using the 32 bit version of either Windows XP or Vista until the hardware manufacturers get with it and provide compatible 64 bit drivers.
  6. RedFox 1

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    That is excellent advice Bunnyrip2. All drivers in the 64bit version of Vista have to be signed by Microsoft. This might limit the program selection you might have, or it might not.;)
  7. sickboy88

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    I do all my ripping/encoding on a x64 pro box. I posted a thread in general chat about interest in a native x64 build of anydvd. Check it out:


    Anyway, I've found everything I use, in 64 bit builds, and everything works fine. If you need any help finding some software for your box, let me know, I have everything.
  8. oldjoe

    oldjoe Well-Known Member

    I also have been using 64Bit XPPro for over a year. I have not had any issues but I have never tried a Modem. I have never cared much for US Robotics modems. Have you tried a different brand?
  9. ETP

    ETP Well-Known Member

    Thanks, still looking. Love the speed of XP64.8)
  10. tony7914

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    Try a Bestdata 56HP it uses a Smartlink chipset in the modem and they have drivers for XP Pro 64 that work just fine. Another one you could get is made by Encore the modle number is ENF656-ESW-COPR that uses a conexant chipset and XP Pro 64 has drivers for it.
    Hope that helps!
  11. harryc8786

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    I'm yet another XP x64 user. It's been about 2 months for me with no big issues. Only annoyances are after pairing bluetooth devices I can't get the devices profiles to come up and take advantage of the connectivity.

    Also iTunes is very buggy and crashes a lot. But that should be fixed soon now that many people are going to Vista and Vista 64 so that should help out soon.

    The only other issue I had was with the Virtual clone drive. Didn't work but they might fix that soon, in the meantime I'm using some other software by Magicdisk and I hate it. It gives you options but I like the simple no hassle Vitrual Clone Drive that SlySoft makes.

    Haven't tried my printer and don't use any modems (sorry) but 64 bit support should only get better as more people get it and companies are forced to develop for it.
  12. ETP

    ETP Well-Known Member

    Broke down and bought an employee version of XP 32 bit for now. My trial version of 64 will expire in a month. I have to say that the AMD/ Gigabyte setup works better with the 64 BIT OS except for legacy hardware.
  13. ETP

    ETP Well-Known Member

    Well, the XP 32 home sucks on this GB MOBO. I am going back to XP64 and look for a modem or maybe sign up for the new Digital cable service that just arrived last week on my street.
  14. Scramy500

    Scramy500 Member

    I also tried the XP64, and found drivers and such hard to find. I had to switch to different programs than i was used to for some things. I had compatibility issues with programs and hardware. But after the initial fight was over, I had a decent running machine.
    I also was on dial-up w/xp64, but had 3 other machines networked w/XP 32 bit.The very best solution for me was to go to an external modem. I was sharing the connection from one 32 bit machine, but it had to be on and connected for me to connect on any other machine.
    I Installed a D-link DI-804HV router with a serial port on it. I then got a Creative Modem Blaster Serial. If any machine on the network requests a connection, the router tells the modem to dial-up. All connecting and sharing tasks are done by the router. If you have a second phone line, then the router will keep your connection at all times. If it is disconnected, the router tells the modem to connect again right away.
    The router and modem cost me about $100 from newegg and makes it a lot easier to share dial-up on a network.