xBox360 - What can it do with video files

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    Two years ago purchased complete suite of SlySoft products, including CloneDVD mobile. Last week my "at college" son purchased a xBox360-120GB. This pass weekend I worked with audio/music files only. I soon discovered the only way to move our music onto his xBox is via a audio CDA CD, which xBox rips the tracks and stores them on internal drive. We own all of the original music CD's, but he only wants one or two songs from any selected CD. So sourcing songs from my HDD / using Nero, I burned audio CD's of his selections onto a CDRW and moved songs onto his xBox.
    SO NOW MY QUESTION ... My current understanding, xBox will not accept, store video files. You can only stream them to xBox. Could someone give me a brief description /point me to a link which explains what CloneDVD mobile "new: added profiles "Microsoft XBox 360" can do for me in version
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