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xbox 360 upconverted burn


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Aug 30, 2007
when you hook up your xbox 360 with vga cables it upconverts the picture to whatever resolution you have your console set at in my case 1280x1024.when i play my backup copies i notice some distortion in the picture the dvd pathfinder is a great example the original plays just fine upconverted but my burns i get distortion anyone know why or anyone else notice this.
I have the same setup, xbox 360 hooked to my monitor (via a KVM switch) running at 1280x1024 and have had no problems playing any movies, be they originals, backups, old, new, or HD-DVDs. It sounds like it may be a dodgy burn, try making a burn of the disc on a friend's computer, use a different brand of blank dvd, experiment until you find the problem