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    Most everyone would think this never happens and that the cheating factor is present. But somehow I went ot move my kids XBOX while still running. Awful noise. Gears of war CD was scratched, does not work anymore. Now, if Slysoft could developed a decoder to make back ups of the games I rightfully own and purchased, I would not have to buy another copy!!!!
    Any thoughts are welcome.
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    Normally you need a flashed XBox 360 and a special DVD-Read/Write Drive in order to copy the XBox 360 Games.
    BUT with a hacked 360 Firmware you're banned from the XBox Live System!
    => What the f***!

    So GOLBERT you're right.

    If Slysoft would find a solution to this problem, perhaps a new software with a decoder and a emulation tool, which makes it possible to run the Copies without a hacked firmware it would be so amazing!!!

    Peer and James, you both can do that. :agree:

    so far...