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    @Pete or @Reto

    I backed the capsule pocket projector on indiegogo
    and i'm trying out my first x265 encode (my 1080 currently is doing a 1.5h movie in 12min at best quality. Woopie!)

    Though i was wondering, i didn't see an option to set the "bits" used. Capsule supports the following at (HEVC) H.265 MP @ 8 Bit. What does CLBD use?

    X264 is supported at MP/BP/HP
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    Interesting little thing. From the video "The average person spends 3 to 5 hours a day on mobile devices for entertainment". Holy shit, that's really sad.

    When copying from Blu-ray Disc, it's always 8 bit. 10 bits wouldn't improve the image, they are required for the wide color gamut (and optionally HDR) only - and the BDs don't cover that spectrum anyway. So there's really no reason to "upscale" 8 bit to 10.

    For UltraHD discs, the option HEVC10 is available in CloneBD.
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    I thought it was interesting too when I got notified of it's existence. Being the tech/gadget buff that I am, I wanted one. It's being shipped by ups as we speak. Should arrive tomorrow or Saturday.

    As to the video, excellent then I don't need to do anything as 8bit is the max supported and I only have standard bd's atm.


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    Woohoo this thing finally arrived and it's DAMN FUN to have it. 100" screen pocket projector lol, and it's as they say barely the size of a soda can :D plays CLBD's created 8 bit x265 MKV's just perfectly using VLC. I'm gonna have so much fun with this geeky tech gadget ^^
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    I backed relative early. Incl $15 shipping I think it was for a grand total of $314 (at current exchange rate that's just over 260€) dirt cheap if u ask me for a pocket projector, compact tripod and deluxe case.

    Gotta say, love it so far. Plex up and running, Amazon prime video works, VLC player works (with built in otg support). This is gonna be one fun thing to take on trips. Even in hotels. All ya need is an empty wall and you've got a big screen TV that shows what you want to see, when you want it and commercial free :-D

    I fully expected to be slammed with another 21% vat + import tax, because anything over €250 gets charged that (at least by national post here), but UPS took care of that.

    0 import tax or vat. $314 is all I paid, and so far worth every penny.

    There's still room for improvement like Google play certification and some kinks that need to be worked out, but it's already been given a ota, and the thing hasn't even gone to standard retail market yet. Just IGG backers.

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    Where did you buy it?
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    As I mentioned in the op, via crowdfunding on indiegogo platform. Exact link in the op

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