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  1. gantz

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    source is the grinch uhd remux, size (46.5 GB (50,034,442,752 bytes))
    I want to create uhd-BD50G. And get output (9.03 GB (9,706,124,400 bytes))

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  2. gantz

    gantz Active Member

    Version beta ,size still too less, It gets output 24.3 GB (26,159,558,656 bytes).

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  3. Reto

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    Do you see that with other movies as well?
    According to the log file, CloneBD tells nVidia to use 56mbits as bit rate, limits to a maximum of 89mbits and sends in the complete 1:35h of video.
    So that should amount to roughly 40GB video data plus a few GB audio.
    CloneBD seems to be doing everything right - actually achieving the requested bit rate is in the hands of the nVidia drivers.

    In your first post (cbd, there was an actual bug, CloneBD telling nVidia to limit the maximum bit rate to a nonsensically small value, but that is no longer the case.
  4. gantz

    gantz Active Member

    I try this movie with another program. It gets output 24 GB like cloneBD.
    From your explained, This problem come from nVidia. It uses wrong bitrate.
    So I try to compress by Software. It gets output 45 GB.

    Thank you.
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