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Discussion in 'General Chat' started by plato, Dec 19, 2007.

  1. BurnerHEAD

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    Sry for bringing up the thread again. But using AnyDVD I never realized the "Written by Island Thunder" thing and immediately wondered about who it is.
    So I read through that whole thread, and yes it is funny, but found no answer. I know a lot of slysoft members, but maybe someone's nickname is Island Thunder.

    But did James actually write the AnyDVD Version back in 2003?

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  2. Webslinger

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    Anydvd was originally called Region Killer Pro, and it was referenced on Elaborate Byte's website a long time ago before the code was sold to Slysoft. Region Killer Pro was never released, and the reference to Region Killer Pro was removed without the program being released under that name. Olli is the original developer of Region Killer Pro, Clonedvd, and Clonecd.

    click http://club.cdfreaks.com/695299-post11.html for an interesting story (Olli is the original author of these programs)

    Elaborate Bytes is still the official developer of Clonedvd.
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  3. BurnerHEAD

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    Thanks for the info. I read that post earlier, when someone else linked me to it.

    But that actually doesn't answer my question though.

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  4. Webslinger

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    You can draw your own conclusions based on my previous response. I suspect that's all the info that you're going to get unless James or Tom responds.
  5. BurnerHEAD

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    But somewhere I read, that an early CloneDVD Version was coming with AnyDVD included. So, a long time ago, they were not seperated products.

  6. Webslinger

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    No. They've always been separate products.
  7. BurnerHEAD

    BurnerHEAD Well-Known Member

    If you say so. I believe you're right, but I heard and read something different. Don't remember the source though.
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    Who is it?

    Ok, i have been to about 50 different sites and i have searched the slysoft forum.

    Who is Island Thunder?
  9. Clams

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    It's back again!! Heh

    I suspect it's a "code name" for James.

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    Look at this you can still download RegionKiller, but only works up to Windows XP - http://www.softlist.net/get.php?software=70194&n=1 or here: http://majorgeeks.com/downloadget.php?id=5745&file=14&evp=613a0c2bf1f57c3b979317b1417db09e.

    Its such a small programme :)
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    I have a conspiracy theory. Perhaps a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away two programs were developed to copy dvds, the pair were and still are famous, one by Island Thunder and the other by Lightning UK!

    Get it? Thunder and Lightning! A two punch knock-out for the MPAA.

    Odds are i'm 100% wrong but its an interesting coincidence.
  12. stinman>=

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    Who Cares!

    Like many business,it was givin a name.Someone liked "Island Thunder".None us need to know who or what.If it was in California,it would be shut down.:( I hope no one ever finds out the truth,someone asking might be the feds trying to get closer to a shut down.I am not calling anyone a fed that has ask ?'s,just a conspiracy theory of my own :D I really do not believe Slysoft,Island Thunder,Elaborate Bytes...etc care about,"going against the establishment",as some might suspect.Maybe that is how it all started,but in the end,it's a business that preforms a service for a fee,that can only house itself down there in St Johns Antigua because their laws are different than US/Europe.I bet movie studios have lobbyist lobbying my (US) gov to lobby St Johns gov all the time,or as often as they can,to change their laws about how they interact with US.I hope nothing ever changes,and they never find out anything.It's kind of like banking in the Cayman Islands.US finally found a way to seize monies from people.I over stated my,"who cares" :D,didn't I?
    Either Way,I'm proud to be a AnyDvdHD'er!
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    I think it's Peer's porn name. :bowdown:
  14. plato

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    Wow! This thread will never die! :D
    But I really can't understand, why there is no official statement about what's behind the name "Island Thunder"...
    From my point of view anxiety is the reason for this silentness.
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    Island Thunder is the code name for the MPAA member who has infiltrated the Slysoft organization. Not that it makes a difference in Antigua, but the MPAA wants to stay on the leading edge.

    Also, Island Thunder is the primary airport runway in Antigua.
  17. Lord Melch

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    Gotta agree. All the Skysoft progs are excellent. :clap:
  18. Rodster

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    Island Thunder maybe just a name thought up, and not a representation of any person under this pseudonym. I guarantee that if the persons real name was exposed, all hell would break loose. What's the bet the MPAA employees wear Slysoft shirts :) lol. To my knowledge Slysoft can operate as St Johns Antigua has no copyright laws, and I hope to god and Slysoft that no one in Government is trying to kill off Slysoft with drachonian laws. The less thats known about the real identity of any person at Slysoft, the better as I bet the companies name is on the dart board in every major picture studio's legal department :)
  19. pimpcrapinpeace

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    Found this post here

    Ok if i understood this post correctly, Island Thunder was the name of the SlySoft Team, but they later changed their name to SlySoft, And left the "Written by Island Thunder" text in AnyDVD in memory maybe?
  20. el Filou

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    Island Thunder is Kaizer Söze. 8)