writing to cd failed medium error write error (3:0x0c:0x00)

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    Hi Im another person who has just encounted this error.
    Im unsure what to do about it????

    If the moderator is trying to say that the quality of the cds (IM writing too) is not good, I cant see why this is an issue. Especially since I have made plenty of music cds out of them. However i have now had to download clone cd since the cd im trying to copy is protected and trys to aquire a license.
    Could you offer a more informed and detailed solution to this error message!!!
    As I assumed clone cd could infact copy any cd protected or not!!! Thats what you claim!!!
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    Do not post in other people's troubleshooting threads unless you wish to assist them please. click http://forum.slysoft.com/showpost.php?p=87585&postcount=4 and read fully

    You assumed incorrectly: moderators don't claim anything; we don't work for Slysoft.

    Moreover, Slysoft doesn't many any claims concerning "any" cd protection.

    This is what appears on Slysoft's website: "allows you to copy almost any CD". That's the only time the word "any" is used.

    No. Clonecd cannot copy all protected discs. No program can produce 1:1 backups of all discs. Many copyprotected games require emulation.

    Also if you use junk blank media, you should expect problems.

    For cd-rs use
    Maxell Pro CD-Rs (These are Taiyo Yudens with a protective coating. Never use regular Maxells.)
    Verbatim DatalifePlus CD-Rs
    Taiyo Yuden

    Use anything else and you run the risk of getting bad burns and error messages.

    click http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=9352 and answer the questions
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