Writing error to DVDs & corrupt files

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    Two questions:
    1. First of all I copied the original DVD file to the computer and it plays perfectly from the computer. BUT when I try to write the files to a backup CD it writes for a few seconds and error comes up saying bad media. I tried it three times and all three the results was the same. Does that mean even though I can view the files perfectly using the computer files that the files can be corrupt so that I can't write it to the DVD? (This problem just pertains to this one disk... but works fine with other DVDs.)

    2. When I tried to copy a DVD part of the file seems to be corrupt and I cannot copy that particular video file to the CD. But the strange part is that the original CD is working without any glitches. So I looked in the CD and copied all the files except that corrupt file. Is there any way to partially copy that file? When I run the video on the computer, the DVD can only play up to the corrupt file chapter and cannot play the (chapter (files) after it.
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