Writing back anydvd-hd rip to Blu Ray

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    In a previous post, I saw you could write back a ripped Blu Ray movie back to a blu ray disk with nero 7/8 by selecting the BLU-RAY(UDF) option & setting the UDF to 2.5 or above. Then load the BDMV & Certificate folding into Nero.

    When I look at what ANYDVD-HD has ripped to my hard disk i only have the BDMV directory. However, when I put a Blu Ray movie disc into my computer & look at whats on it I have:

    From what I understand, Anydvd-hd put the "Certificate & Sly!" folders in.

    Is there a way to get them back on my rip, so I can re-write the blu ray movie from disk to blu ray again ?

  2. Adbear

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    Just burn the BDMV and certificate folder as stated on your other post. If the Certificate folder is empty then the player will ignore it. And just ignore the folder called SLY, it's just the AACS folder renamed, but you don't want to burn that back to disc. Like I've said before buy a re-writable and just try doing it
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    I was wondering what you are saying. Yes you can burn the movie on a data Blu-ray so you store it there instead on your harddrive and this burned Blu-ray can not be played in a normal stand alone player or am I wrong?!
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    Older Version?

    When I look at what ANYDVD-HD has ripped to my hard disk i only have the BDMV directory.

    Sounds like you are using an older version f AnyDVD/HD the current release will rip both the BDMC & certificate directory to the HDD.
  5. Adbear

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    If you burn the 2 folders back to a Blu-ray writable in nero using udf 2.5 or above you should be able to play it back on a player, I do it all the time with my PS3
  6. DonCarlos

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    Ok I didn't know that that sounds great. But then I have another Question what happens if you rip a HDDVD to your harddrive an burn it on an Blu-ray Disc?Is it also possible to watch it on a Blu ray standalone player?Or is the filestructure on an HDDVD different to the fliestructure on a Blu-ray. I mean they both can use AACS so the both have an AACS folder but what is about the certificat folder?Perhaps the BDMV folder is named different on a HDDVD but what would happen if you rename it?Has anyone tried it?I can't do it because I don't own a HDDVD drive but I think this is very interesting.Because if it would work I would buy me an Xbox ยง60 drive an backup the HDVDs on a blu-ray.
  7. Adbear

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    No it's not possible, the file structure is different, and they use different audio structure. Also the laser in a Blu-ray won't read HD-dvd discs and vice-versa