Write Error DVD 10 11 W2: software issue?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by BB50, Mar 2, 2007.

  1. BB50

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    I just bought AnyDvd and CloneDVD a month or two ago, and have been using it very successfully until recently. Lately I've been getting this Write Error Message on just about every movie I try. It starts writing to a blank disk, then I get "Oh No!" and a bad media message. I came to this forum for help, and every answer says the disks are inferior or the drive/burner is crap or there's too much competing software or do this, then do that, then do this other thing. And there seem to be a LOT of other people with the same issue, all in the last week or so.

    Hey, it worked fine until a few days ago, nothing's changed except that I updated AnyDVD to, and I don't want to spend hours trying every possible solution. I've paid for this software (having been very happy during the free trial) so why do I have all this aggravation? Instead I removed and reinstalled that I started with. It now successfully burns every one of the movies it rejected for the last few days. So rather than have us jumping through all these hoops, shouldn't SlySoft be looking at a problem within the software?
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    I think there are more of use who use the same software versions and without any problems at all. So I doubt that it is a Slysoft software problem.
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    First - I'm not a SlySoft "FanBoy".

    Have you ever considered that a drive that is "Going South" may have a tendency to become Picky regarding the software used. WHen was the last time the lenses were cleaned in the Unit and have you every accomplished any testing with the drive - other than the burning of Movies.

    I burn a lot of DVDs (family albums etc) and have found that when a drive starts to become bad it is a does/soen't work proposition - or Excellant Quality then pure crap using the same disks, software, and source.... I am a smoker and that heavily factors into the failure equation.
  4. BB50

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    let me try one more time

    I am not new to computers or software. My computer is a fairly new VERY name brand unit, as is its DVD burner. It successfully burns DVDs and CDs with all the software and all the media I throw at it. Quite a variety. It burned anything I gave it through Slysoft as well, until I upgraded to Then it failed on six straight movies. I rolled back to an earlier version, and it burned all six movies, and more since then, very well. All the while never failing with anything else I give it. But customshopkv1 and G-Omaha, though not fan-boys, assure me that it can’t be a Slysoft software issue. I’m quite sure that Slysoft software, in its latest versions, has never failed them.

    But I simply have no other variables whatsoever: nothing at all has changed except AnyDVD. It worked, I upgraded, it didn’t work, I downgraded, it worked. That should be of interest to Slysoft, especially in light of all the other people telling of problems with recent upgrades. It might also be a consideration for all the people advising similarly afflicted folks to totally overhaul their machines. Before going to such extremes, just try rolling back to an earlier version of AnyDVD, and see if all the problems go away. I have no idea if it will work for anyone else, but it certainly cured my problem in a heartbeat.
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    I would try AnyDVD-HD beta.
  6. bilbo65

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    Perhaps your download was corupted. Remove and re-download....
  7. Charlie

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    Every now and then on certian movies I got this to just using the 2 progies and I now use clonedvd2 to rip to the hard drive with no compression then use dvd shrink and never have a fail rate.
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    @ BB50,

    Suggest ensuring that your DVD Burner has the latest most current up to date Firmware installed. Just because your computer is fairly new is no guarantee that your DVD Burner has the latest most current up to date Firmware installed. Current up to date DVD Burner Firmware is an important factor in obtaining quality error free Burning results and is a factor in the “Oh No! Bad Media” error message being displayed. Name Brand computer manufactures are notorious for failing to provide the latest most current up to date Firmware for the ReBadged DVD Burners that they install in their computers. Suggest providing the Name/Model/Firmware Version of your DVD Burner and knowledgeable informed Forum Members will be able to research for current Firmware.

    Another factor in the “Oh No! Bad Media” error message being displayed is the quality of the blank DVD Media being used. Request that you provide the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of the blank DVD Media you are using. If you are unaware of how to obtain the MID (Manufacture ID and Media Code) of your blank Media use DVDInfo (http://www.dvdinfopro.com) or DVD Identifier (http://dvd.identifier.cdfreaks.com).

    In your posting you have a preconceived notion that the latest version of AnyDVD is at fault. I doubt that is fact because if so this and other Forums would be flooded with complaint postings, which hasn’t happened.

    If you want assistance with your problem please provide the requested information and knowledgeable informed Forum Members will attempt to provide assistance. If not just ignore this posting.