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Jan 28, 2007
I am impressed with the way ANYDVD and CLONEDVD2 ripped through the movie SAW 3 without one single problem! Nice job SLYSOFT!

Thats the first movie I couldn't get since i've been using SS. I was using dvdshrink though. mabey I need to break down and get the dvd clone also?
I use shrink for the movies that need an extra shot for quality, otherwise 99.9% of the time CloneDVD is perfect for me. Never looked back.:bowdown: 8) :D :clap:
that was the first one i couldn't get! i was using dvd shrink though.

I Use 1click Dvd Pro and AnyDvd it's PERFECT, I don't get any errors at all, Keep up the good work ANYDVD, Paul
my trial on the dvdclone is up. I guess i'm screwed.

pony up and buy it....I think the value & security of being able to back-up my DVD's far outweighs any cost of this software. While I won't say it is the best (there is always something new coming out) I will say I have found no need to own anything else.

Until that changes this is where I will stay and recommend to anyone else I discuss DVD back-up with the same.
So far (and I've tried many paid & free programs) Slysoft is by far the best value in terms of quality. There is no reason not to have the complete software package by SlySoft. Even without the value coupons (gives on average $20 off) the entire package has more value than not. Just buy it and be happy!

SLYSOFT ROCKS!!!:bowdown: