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Would any of our experts be able to explain this one?

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by Klickety-Klack, Feb 26, 2007.

  1. Klickety-Klack

    Klickety-Klack Active Member

    I have a Lite-On DVD Recorder which I usually use for playing back dvd's, both originals -- of which I have hundreds -- and also for disks written by CloneDVD2. My theory is the DVD recorder comes with a better-quality RW drive, since if it didn't wouldn't be able to survive the warranty period. Many DVD players barely last a year before the drive fails, if in daily use.

    Occasionally a disk written with clonedvd2 won't play in the dvd recorder, hangs in the initial read mode, or screen just goes blank. I can pop the same dvd into a regular dvd player, and it plays just fine... so I mark its envelope "use only dvd player."

    I thought that all dvd's were written to standards in the DVD Specification, since if they weren't, there would be problems in players all over the world; and I'd assume CloneDVD writes to this standard. So why can't the recorder play some dvd's?

    Just Curious.


    :confused: K :confused:
  2. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

  3. Coaster

    Coaster Well-Known Member

    @ Klickety-Klack,

    I believe if you use one of the diagnostic software programs and perform a Disk Quality Scan of your problematic burned backup copies you will find that the burn quality of these problematic burned backup copies is less than desirable.

    The four items mentioned in Forum Member Webslinger above posting is usually the primary causes of poor quality burns.

    Just because a burned backup copy appears to play properly in a DVD device is not a valid indicator of quality of the burned disk. Using one of diagnostic software programs and performing a Disk Quality Scan is a true indicator of the actual burn quality of your burned backup copy.

    Suggest viewing the below CD Freaks article concerning Disk Quality Scanning ->