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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by joshhuggins, Feb 5, 2018.

  1. joshhuggins

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    Has anyone had any issues with CloneBD not seeing disc changes? I currently have to have my disc in the drive and AnyDVD HD has to have finished scanning the disc then I can start CBD and it sees my disc. Once I finish ripping, if I eject the disc via the button on the CloneBD source selection screen or via my drives eject button and insert another one CBD will not see any other disc until I restart the CloneBD. The drive just remains red and empty.

    I feel like it's been this way for the last few months or so for me. I have also reloaded my system since it started and the problem still persists which surprised me. It used to work as expected for years. Just curious if someone might have any ideas on what might cause it. Tried switching the General setting for reading from the file system, and removing AnyDVD HD from the system with no luck.

    Thanks for any ideas or thoughts.
  2. Pete

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    Yes, that's not CloneBD's fault - for so far unknown reasons, AnyDVD seems to swallow disc change notifications under - also - unknown conditions.
    As a small workaround: on the CloneBD start screen, you can press F5 for a refresh.
  3. Pete

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    ...that, though, I can't confirm.
    We had a few reports and deactivating AnyDVD always made the difference, then.
  4. joshhuggins

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    The F5 refresh is working good enough for me. Surprised I didn't try it already, kind of a duh moment :) Thanks Pete!
  5. Pete

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    Well, it is sort of a "developer feature", because it shouldn't be required in normal use cases.
    But since it is now - maybe there should be an information on that screen hinting at the possibility.
  6. joshhuggins

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    Would probably be helpful to expose, seems like it could be helpful to others for multiple reasons. Thanks again Pete.
  7. MK-Slinky

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    I seem to be having the same problem! CloneBD transcodes the disc into the 'C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Temp' folder okay but then when asked to insert a blank BD disc Clone BD crashes. Restarting CloneBD results in the same problem mentioned above, i.e. the drive just remains red and empty. :(


    Pressing F5 quickly refreshes the disc status but it immediately returns to a red empty drive!

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