Won't 'Emulate' Any Blu-ray Movies

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  1. Application: AnyDVD HD, Trial Version, downloaded as of 15Jan16
    Title: Enemy of the State
    Format; Blu-ray
    Country: United States
    Log file: attached
    Error Message: (no error message)
    Log File: attached

    Comments: I'm using AnyDVD HD in combination with Audials 2016.

    Problem Statement
    AnyDVD HD is not "emulating" a bluray disk to Audials. When a blu-ray disk is loaded, the Status window shows that it is recognized and
    appears to decode the disk (it lists that it's removing various restrictions), but the status doesn't progress to "emulating", like it does with
    non-bluray disks. Consequently, Audials doesn't 'see' it. Also, although AnyDVD HD does allow me to "rip
    to harddrive", using it's menu, it doesn't help, since it's not in my target format, mp4. I attempted to convert the ripped files to mp4 with
    Audials, but it ran over 8 hours and still had several more hours to go; so it's not a practical solution.

    Note: Selecting 'default' setting for AnyDVD HD didn't solve this.

    I'm sure there's something real simple I'm not doing.

    I can't get AnyDVD HD to work on any of my bluray disks, all of which are years old.

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    AnyDVD doesn't emulate anything at all. It detects the disc, then decrypts. That's all it does. There is no "emulating" with blu-ray discs at all. Emulating drive's is for dvd's only because for the DVD part the region is stored by the drive. Blu-ray regions are stored on the disc, as such there's nothing to emulate. That's also not an anydvd logfile, read this https://forum.slysoft.com/threads/info-how-to-ask-for-help-before-you-post.45785/ for a real logfile. That's a txt file containing your post contents. Anydvd also doesn't convert, seems to me like the problem is with your audials, not Anydvd
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  3. Thanks for your reply. Here's the log file. It does appear to be an Audials issue. I just tried using CloneBD, and it's working just fine. So it's a compatibility issue.

    Thanks again!

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  4. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Just a note, doesn't look like the disc is being decryped properly.

    There seems to be an issue connecting to the online database. Is the pc connected to the internet?

    Also keep in mind that having the "remove annoying trailers etc" enabled can cause issues with proper disc playback as specified by the tooltip.
  5. Yes, it's connected to the internet. I'll reset the settings to default and recreate and upload the log file.
  6. Ch3vr0n

    Ch3vr0n Translator NL & Mod

    Reset to default yes, upload a new log and then hold of on processing it for the moment if the status window still shows that OPD error. Might result in improper decryption causing the wrong playlist to be loaded and scenes all over the place. @James or @Pete will have to take a look at the opd
  7. snakke

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    Trial version can not access the opd try, an older disc or purchase anydvd to access opd

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  8. I reset to default and attached a new log file.

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  9. Ch3vr0n

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    snakke is correct, trials can't access the OPD. Though i wonder why Anydvd would need to contact the opd at all for such an old disc. Though that new log seems to indicate it decrypted just fine now.
  10. Thanks for all your help!!
  11. Pete

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    It doesn't need to. It looks it up for every disc, just in case there might be some information in the OPD. In this case there isn't and it's not required.