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    Attempted make full copy ISO image of original Wonder Woman Blu-Ray I bought earlier today using latest CloneBD v1.1.7.0 and AnyDVD-HD v8.1.8.0 -- Only setting I did in CloneBD was "downconvert HD audio" to "DTS" / 1024-bit / Keep original. This was to remove the Cinavia Watermark -- Once it started I saw the RedFox AnyDVD icon turn purple about 20-30 seconds in. So it seemed to be working correctly. However, about 3 minutes in, mouse froze, then computer froze up tight -- forced to hard, cold boot. Sorry folks no logs. Now, I have only tried this once so far -- But just saw there was an AnyDVD-HD Beta so will try that version instead, maybe it will fair better. Again I do not have a log file to post here as I couldn't get one since computer froze up. BTW I am running a Core-i7 950 3.0Ghz PC with PNY GTX 970 Video card, 10GB DDR3 on latest anniversary edition of Windows 10.

    Anyway the DVD version seemed to copy fine w/ latest AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. It could have been a simple glitch but I've seen this happen before while copying a brand new or recently released movies on rare occasions -- either freezes or computer reboots in middle of the copy. My guess is the Cinavia protection is likely the culprit, esp since this movie is so new.
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    Cinavia isn't a copy protection pretty then that, could you try again to see if it was a fluke?

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