Wonder ripped copy will not play using beta

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  1. kzajac

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    Wonder will not play after ripping with AnyDVD beta. Attached is log file

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  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Won't play now? In what? What's happening?

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  3. rgs825

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    Wonder what happened. :p
  4. kechulater

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    I'll chime in and say the original disc of Wonder plays with Speedmenu activated using PowerDVD 17 if you click file 982 which is the feature per AnyDVD If I click play with original menu
    I can never reach the original menu, the farthest I ever got was the end of the 6 minutes of previews and it stalls (sometimes PowerDVD stalled right after I clicked on play with original menu). I tried about 10 times.
    If I disable Speedmenu same thing can't reach the original menus. Here is a copy of the log file. Thanks for looking into.

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  5. nickb01

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    Anybody looking into this? No movement since 2/19. I have same issue with this BD. Although I rip to image using andvd. use powerdvd to play iso same thing after previews at main menu click on play movie then get blank screen. also use original disc with anydvd active same thing occurs . if need info log will provide but i see inf log has been provided. Ive tried 2 different original discs. have played original in standalone player plays ok edit don't use speed menus prefer original.
    ch3vr0n is this considered hijacking a thread? Do i need to start another?
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  6. Ch3vr0n

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    It is. Especially since your not providing a logfile, not saying which title it is,...

    Please read the sticky up top on how to ask for help. Then create your own topic. Without a logfile we can't help you

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