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    I just bought my daughter a Npower Fusion digital media player (It's like a Disney Mix Max) and am having a hard time finding something to covert to the proper format. The book says WMV9 (simple profile 320x240 resolution 30ftps) + WMA9 (sample rate of 8k-44.1 kHz). Max total bit rate of video and audio is 512kbps. I tried the generic in the wmv/wma experimental but that did not work any suggestions?????
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    You can use mencoder to convert a DVD to a wmv file



    for some help

    ....you will need to get the settings right for your hardware player....

    once you have the right settings you can use it in CloneDVDMobile.....see Devices.ini in the clonedvdmobile directory. You'll notice the mencoder settings...simply create another profile for your device......... Give it a whirl!!
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    Cad, I am quite a novice at this...

    Can you give me a little more info. I am still lost.

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    In C:\Program Files\SlySoft\CloneDVDmobile or where ever you installed the software see


    open the file in notepad , search for [* Generic WMV/WMA (experimental)]

    see lavcopts=vcodec=wmv2:acodec=wmav2 and resolution and bit rate settings......

    these settings are passed to mencoder...... you're on your own here.....but you will be able to try alternative settings, don't worry just back up the file and just try... use a small file to test and see what happens! Others on the forum may be able to help??

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    The above are wmv 8 settings - this player appears to support only wmv9-drm files so you should be able to sync to it from Windows Media Player (WMP) 10 or 11 (it should convert your file to wmv9). My Samsung YP-P2 is the same but it also has its own conversion program - any avi or wmv file can be converted and synced to the player using WMP10+.

    Try using the generic wmv profile in CloneDVDMobile then import that to WMP10 or 11 and then choose the sync option to send it to your Npower Fusion.
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    I got it to work now all i need is to know how to transfer it on to a SD card so we can build her a little collection of movies. After I get it to the Npower Fusion it won't let me copy it any place. Any suggestions.
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    So how did you get it to work? Did it sync (convert) correctly using the generic wmv profile output passed through Windows Media Player 10+ as I suggested?

    Confirmation would be good news for other users.

    There is no online manual for this product so maybe you should check the one you got with the player for SD card info - as a mass storage device you should be able to just add or delete wmv 9 files to an SD card using a standard card reader and have them available when you plug them in to the Npower.
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    Settings for nPower?

    Okay, I got one of these bargain-binned for $20 last night; I had hoped to put Spongebob episodes from the DVDs we have on it to keep my 3 year old happy while we're in the car.

    I can't seem to get the bitrate to match;

    The videos that come with it have a bit rate of 512Kbps, but the the quality slider on the CloneMobile program jumps from 27 (504) to 28 (522). So I'm guessing this is part of my problem.

    How can I adjust the program to do EXACTLY 512 KBps?
  9. profcolli

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    Did you try syncing to it from Windows Media Player (10 or 11)? It should do the bitrate conversion to what the player supports automatically. You probably won't be able to avoid a two-stage process because CloneDvdMobile doesn't support wmv9 (see my posts earlier in this thread).
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    Fusion player

    An update on my attempts;

    I have been using the demo for Clone DVD mobile, and the Windows MP9 encoder to try and convert clips. I just can't get it to work. I even sync with Windows Media Player, but the device will not play any clips.

    I looked at the settings, bit rate, etc on the clips already on the device, and tried to match them- but the encoder will only do 1.5 minutes of encoding, then stops.

    Can anyone help me on this- Amazon UnBox clips work great, but the whole point of the 'Mobile program is to move DVDs I already own to my (kid's) portable player.
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    If it doesn't have its own conversion program, and won't sync from WMP, then you will be better off "binning" your bargain-bin $20 player and spending a few more dollars on something that works. How much time ($$) have you wasted on this already?

    These are designed to get you to buy their media....