WMV to DVD files convert & back again as a segmented WMV

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    I have a problem!!

    I have a long wmv file that I need to be cut into around 10 minute segments for posting into my websites.

    It seems that to do this I have to convert this wmv file to a DVD file then I can use cloneDVDmobile to cut these created DVD files to the appropriate lengths.

    I purchased a program called Ultra WMV converter fom aone-soft.com but although it converted wmv to DVD files ok it would not allow me to convert the resultant DVD files back to segmented wmv files. They have offered me my money back.

    Programs I have purchased are:-

    Nero 7 (complete) AnyDVD (Slysoft) CloneDVD (Slysoft)
    cloneDVDmobile (Slysoft) clonecd (Slysoft)

    Can you please advise the easiest & best way to do this.

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    Either one (or both) of these programs should help you out

    I would try ConvertXtoDVD or WinAVI Video Converter. Either one can convert .wmv files to a DVD type of structure, and then you can use any versions of AnyDVD, CloneDVD2, CloneDVDmobile, or CloneCD to do your stuff.



    Basically, you have to use ConvertXtoDVD or WinAVI Video Converter to convert the .wmv files to a DVD, then use CloneDVDmobile, if I understand your problem, to the right size and correct file format, which should be MP4 (if you're using that format, for example.)

    Let me know how it turned out!!



    Tried the winavi tester. It converted to DVD files OK but still had problems when using clonedvdmobile when attempting to convert back to wmv using

    Generic wmv/wma experimental.

    The details are as below

    DVDManager 0 Common 4 268 269
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    Hmm. I don't even know what that is. Try the other one I mentioned (ConvertXtoDVD). I hope that will help you out. If it doesn't, I don't know what will. If it doesn't work, you'll have to ask the people here in the Forum on how to do what you need to be done, because I've never tried what you've trying to do.

    Good luck.
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    Try Googling what you're trying to accomplish. That's how I found out about the 2 software programs I told you about earlier.
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    convertXtoDVD is the best:agree: