WMA with DRM to MP3 ???

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Clams, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. Clams

    Clams Well-Known Member

    My DJ "parter" has several songs he bought online at home that are WMA files
    with some kind of a-hole DRM protection. They won't play on the house PC
    at the club. Any little proggy around to convert them to generic MP3 format?

    Can he just burn them to a CD on his home machine and then rip that CD to

  2. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    He may want to check out a program called FairUse4WM and a commercial program called Tunebite.
    Google them

    Doing that will reduce the sound quality yet again.
  3. mike20021969

    mike20021969 Well-Known Member

    fairuse4wm can be found hidden on my post here: