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    Sorry if this has been asked before but my search didn't find what I need to know.

    Does anyone know if we can use windvd 8 for HD DVD & Blu-ray playback off the hard drive once it's ripped?

    Right now I use Powerdvd but the reason I want Windvd is because it supports TrimensionDNM video processing and when there are pans in the movies we watch, it makes ALL the difference in the world, no more judder.

    I ask because I don't want to buy it & then find out I cannot use it with my HD DVD & Blu-ray rips off the hard drive.

    Chris Dallas
    DVD Mansion
  2. 2mellow

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    No WinDVD

    WinDVD 8 will not work for what you want to do. At the moment the only real option for this is PowerDVD. :confused:
  3. DonCarlos

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    I think when this whole HD thing started James said that WinDVD just can play encrypted Hd files so I think it is not possible(if intervideo didn't change something)