Windows Media Takes a secound big hit

Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by Ajax, Jul 18, 2007.

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    Windows Media Takes a second big hit as new WMP11 in XP/Vista and it takes copy protection away from Zune Files as well

    It has been cracked by a hacker named Divine Tao

    He is calming pride for his new release of Fairuse4wm.exe fix2 and the key grabber named mirakagi. It sports a audacious design with a cartoon of eve picking the golden keys from the tree of life...8)

    When this new hack came out all they had to say was That they are working on fixing the problem looking mainly at the fact of what happened last year with Viodentia... putting out a new version every time it was patched wasting time and Money...:doh:,134659-c,copyright/article.html

    And a quote from M$ read

    "Record labels are increasingly considering removing DRM from their songs after years of lawsuits and legal wrangling have done little to reduce illegal file-sharing." :policeman:

    We might be able to win this race after all... finally a DRM free world just might be around the corner...:agree: