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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by epic4life, Dec 17, 2007.

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    Hello everyone,

    I am new to this site and new to these products, but I am glad to have found great software with great capabilities. I bought these programs b/c I have a 500+ dvd collection (from my college days) and I wanted to back each one of them up on my storage servers.

    I also have a ton of WMC recored movies. I was wondering if there was a way to ripp the movie file from WMC and turn them into MPEG or another format. If not, should I switch to another program that utilizes my tuner card that will allow me to rip into a MPEG format.

    Thanks for your time

  2. Charlie

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    Use movie maker within Windows to convert back to mpeg format then all is well.
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    Nice, thanks
  4. epic4life

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    Hey Charlie, another question involving media center and movie maker.

    In order to get the save as mpeg function on move maker, do you have to do some editiing to the file? Right now when I import the recorded DVR-MS files, It does not give me the option to save as anything but a movie maker file.

    I didn't play around with this much b/c I had to go to bed, but I sure one of you guys with experience can guide me through with words so I don't have to waste my time.

    Thanks again

  5. Charlie

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    Sorry I haven't used movie maker or nero to do what you want done. Maybe another person here with experiance on this can chime in. Be patient we have the best of people here.
  6. epic4life

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    No problem. That is why I went with this product line as oppose to another.

    DVR-MS files have to be ripped somehow since they use WMP as a alternative to WMC to play the file. I have about 20 gigs of tapped movies, tv shows and sports games I want in mpeg format so I can edit and transport from computer to computer.
  7. TCBW

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    Just drag the clip to the timeline and then select save movie file. I haven't used it for DVR-MS formats but many others and they have worked fine.

    I did find the following on another forum so it would seem the source of the DVR-MS is important.
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