Windows fails to recognize disk in drive

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    Although AnyDVD scans, finds and read any disk inserted in the drive, although CloneDVD2 recognizes it if it is a DVD, or CloneCD if it is a CD, no disk is recognized by Windows or some other applications like iTunes.
    I am having a hard time understanding the issue since some application do "see" the disk and some don't...
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    I have read this post and it does not relate in any way to the issue I am facing since this is happening with ALL discs ! BR, DVD or CD give the same result : AnyDVD recognizes the disc, scans and gives a full report on what it is, if you open CloneDVD2, you can access the disc to make a copy if it is a DVD, same with CloneCD if it is a CD, however you can't read the disk in Windows Explorer or Media Player as it seems there is no disc present in the drive, iTunes does not read the CD to allow import, WinX DVD Ripper Platinum can't read from a DVD either, etc, etc... Can it have to do with the latest AnyDVD version ? I have never had this issue before...
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    Yes it does, no logfile (even from a random disc): we cant help you. The choice is yours.

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    Hope this helps. This problem is popping up to much. Sorry that no one seems to get that log files will not solve this problem. This is an interaction problem with the software and the windows operation system.

    The version you have was constantly not releasing control of my drives. Had to go in and manually remove the burner drivers and reinstall them. It was becoming very frustrating, because once anydvd did that and you exit out of anydvd, not only would my system not recognize my burners properly, but anydvd would not recognize The burners properly. The burners would always read as being empty.

    This happen to me with a few version of this software. Your best bet now is to disable anydvd. Then go into your device manager and uninstall your drives. Then reboot your computer. In all honesty you should uninstall anydvd before you uninstall your drives. For whatever reason when this problem pops up, any dvd becomes the main driver for your drives and does not relinquish that right even when you exit out of or uninstall the software. This causes windows to see the drives as always empty, which in turn causes anydvd to see the drives as empty.
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    You don't know that they won't, there's multiple possibilities where problematic drivers, problematic upper/lower class filters can interfere with proper system functions.

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    I forgot to ask if you aborted the scanning of a dvd right before the problem started . this i believe is a triggering point.
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    How is Windows or iTunes problem for RedFox? What I seen lately is that sometimes you burn a backup with Anydvd HD and pop in a Master and it doesn't see it but if you pop a working copy it reads the data and then pop the Master back in it will populate the data. This is something I seen AnyDvd HD do but if you restart it works but I found if you just pop in the previous backup disc to get the data and pop in the disc to be copied it will populate the data and you can use CloneDVD or CloneCD to backup. So try this first.......
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    @Watcher0363 Problems indeed started after an aborted scan. I have reinstalled my burner after disabling AnyDVD and rebooted the pc, everything works back like a charm... until the next time I guess... :-(
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    I think part of the issue is if the backup has the same volume label as the original, some programs that "save disk data for faster read next time" can think one is the other.
    This can cause strange behavior.