Windows Cannot Read From This Disk error

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (DVD issues)' started by BadBurner, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. BadBurner

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    First of all...thanks for an incredible product! But since the recent release I keep getting this error when I try and play a backup in my computer. The DVD works perfect in my set top DVD player. Any ideas??

    I'm using the exact same batch of D/L Verbatim media so I doubt it's the media. Everything was burning fine until the last update. Any ideas? I'm running XP Pro.

  2. G-Omaha

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    Much not said - Like which movies and are they NTSC or PAL and/or which standard does your "Set Top" player employ. Then there is the issue of "Can it/Is It Rated" to play recordable media - many of the oder ones are not (especially the more expensive ones for some reason).

    Did you have any problems playing the recorded discs "before"? WHen was the last time the units (Both write and player) were cleaned?

    Please provide just a little more info and then we can help you out.
  3. oldjoe

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    BadBurner..........I assume that everything worked fine until the last update?
  4. BadBurner

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    Sorry for the lack of info. The format is NTSC. The previous batch of disks played perfectly without ANY problems (on the same equipment) before the last update. All the movies are now having the same problem so it's not one specific brand etc...

    I was wondering if this was an issue brought up and there was a quick fix. If not I'll struggle through it and figure it out over the weekend.