Windows 10 Creator's Update messed up ReClock

Discussion in 'ReClock' started by MonarchX, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. MonarchX

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    I use the popular MPC-HC + LAV Filters + madVR + ReClock (latest versions of each, latest ReClock beta) combination for my HTPC and up until Windows 10 Creator's Update it worked wonderfully when I used my videocard's (GTX 1080) 23.970Hz refresh rate for my TV to play native BD 23.976p content. My TV can do 23Hz (23.970Hz), 24Hz (24000Hz), 29Hz, 30Hz, 59Hz, 60Hz. I always used 1080p23 setting in madVR for BD content and with ReClock madVR stats reported dropped/delayed frame maybe every 2-3 hours, but I don't recall frames ever dropped or being delayed.

    After I cleanly installed the new Windows 10 Pro x64 Creator's Update on freshly formatted SSD, I started seeing many dropped/repeated frames and glitches with settings that always produced none of those issues. This affected only Exclusive Fullscreen mode with ANY settings (including frame-ahead settings) in madVR during playback of normal 1080p 23.976p content on my 1080p HDTV at 23.970Hz, but there were no frame drops/repeats or glitches on my 120Hz monitor in Exclusive Fullscreen mode! Window mode (or non-exclusive Fullscreen mode) was not affected.

    On my TV at 23.970Hz it would always show "1 dropped/repeated frame every 5-30 seconds" regardless of madVR, ReClock (official or beta), LAV Filters (official or nightly) or MPC-HC x86 (official or nightly) settings. I mean I tried many MANY settings in madVR and ReClock and none did anything helpful, although I noticed that ReClock would always say it is using CINEMA 24p/24Hz adaptation for regular/normal 23.976p content and it oddly detected my 23.970Hz refresh rate as 24.000Hz for hardware display. I don't remember if that was the case before.

    I figured that maybe the issue is in refresh rates and I finally fixed this issue for Exclusive Fullscreen by removing 1080p23 entry from madVR as a possible refresh rate (even though my TV shows 23Hz, 24Hz, 29Hz, 30Hz, 59Hz, and 60Hz for possible refresh rates) and leaving 1080p24 (24.000Hz) at the lowest possible refresh rate to be used for 23p/24p content. Now it says "1 frame drop every 2-3 hours", even at very-high quality GPU-demanding settings). I don't know what this means, but if you suddenly find yourself in a similar situation, see if using 24.000Hz instead of 23.970Hz solves the issue.

    NVidia just released new drivers (381.62) with official support for Creator's Update, so something must have changed with Creator's Update, but the new NVidia drivers did not resolve the dropped frames at 23.970hz and using 24.000Hz is still necessary for smooth playback.
  2. gereral1

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    I would not pass it by Microsoft to bug mpc to screw all htpc users.
  3. hadar

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    Thanks MonarchX for letting us know but it's only a workaround for one specific case. A more general one would be to not use exclusive mode until ReClock handles the changes in the Creators Update properly. (I don't think it's a bug. MS did some intentional changes to fullscreen mode.)
  4. XxDeadlyxX

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    For me, using 24hz instead of 23hz only makes the problem worse, it causes frame skip/drop every 3 seconds instead of every 30 seconds. Using mpc-hc, gtx1070 with sony 1080p tv hdmi. Disabling fullscreen exclusive doesn't help either.
  5. budtz

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    Full screen mode dosnt effect me ether. Im unsure fullscreen mode has anything to do with it.

    Reclock is pretty broken in creators Update for me. Regardeless of settings or drivers. I have used it for half a decade and never seen a problem like this
  6. andy o

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    What's broken exactly? If it's the OP's problem, and disabling FSE doesn't fix it, try clearing the timings database in ReClock.
  7. budtz

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    I take it back. it works. it just behaves differentley. I also had porblems with dxva decoding that got me glithes. with cuvid it works.

    I hope reclock can be patched to work with the new windows version
  8. MonarchX

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    Could someone explain to me what exactly broke after Creator's Update? Did Microsoft mess up refresh rates or is it ReClock's fault? What is happening? I did notice that the problem occured in FSE, but that doesn't explain what is going on and why... I am just curious...
  9. el Filou

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    From what I understand, by default they changed exclusive full-screen to be a sort of "optimized borderless windowed", so that they can now overlay content like their Game Bar over full-screen games.

    Try this: find the .exe of your media player => right click => Properties =>Compatibility => Disable full-screen optimizations.

    Unfortunately I don't have MPC & ReClock installed on my Win10 Insider machine, and I haven't updated to 1703 on my own PCs so I can't test this myself, but I've read it helps with games that also have a problem with the new not-so-exclusive-anymore full-screen mode, so maybe it can help with media players too?
  10. Mr.Joshua

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    So yea MS released faulty software on purpose
    Thank you
  11. hadar

    hadar Well-Known Member

    That was the first thing I tried and it didn't helped me.
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  12. Thomas Wilms

    Thomas Wilms New Member

    Please fix this or give me a workaround. I actually went back from Creators Update to prior version just to make Reclock run again.
  13. MonarchX

    MonarchX Member

    Nobody even knows if this is caused by ReClock OR madVR...
  14. Thomas Wilms

    Thomas Wilms New Member

    I don't use madVR...
  15. Daedalus88

    Daedalus88 New Member

    I have the same problem. Never had a issue with Reclock until the Creator's Update. I had to roll back to the previous version of Windows 10 to solve.
    Before the creator's update i had 0 frame drops, after 1 frame drop every 32 seconds.
    I've notice that under video hardware-refresh rate with the creator's update the data is stuck to 24hz (no matter if i set the tv to 23hz or 24) otherwise with the old version the data is 23,70hz and no frame drops.
  16. James

    James Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    If you set it to 24Hz, do you still have frame drops? (ReClock should speed-up the media to 24fps)
  17. Daedalus88

    Daedalus88 New Member

    I set my tv to 24hz and i still had frame drops. I forgot to change media adaptation from auto to other values, i don't know if this coud have fixed the situation.
  18. Pilo T

    Pilo T New Member

    Confirmed here too, wishing I hadn't updated now.

    With 1080p23 set in madVR, 23.976 set in Reclock, I am getting 1 frame repeat every 33.X seconds. Used to be X hours (too high to be noteworthy)

    Tried removing 1080p23 and leaving 1080p24, set 24 set in reclock, this results in 1 frame repeat every 43~ seconds. This is the case both with Media Adaptation speed set to Auto and 24fps.

    Reclock is also showing my refresh rate at 24.000 Hz when it is in fact correctly set to 23.97X (confirming with madVR's CTRL+J) As far as I recall it would show at 23.97 before

    The temporary solution of disabling FSE on MadVR is not even working for me, when i disable it mpchc just freezes completely when i activate fullscreen

    PS the above results were with, after updating to the beta the initial test shows a refresh rate of 23.496 Hz in reclock properties and yields 1 frame repeat every 2 seconds
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  19. MonarchX

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    Yeah, there seems to be a mismatch between what refresh rate is set in Nvidia CP, refresh rate madVR detects/reports, and what refresh rate ReClock detects.

    I actually got madVR's hacked 24.000Hz to work, BUUUT there is obvious sync problem between Audio and Video, even though ReClock taskbar icon is always green!

    What a mess...

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  20. el Filou

    el Filou Well-Known Member

    Does this also occur with other full screen exclusive renderers like EVR custom, or only with madVR ?
    I have a laptop updated to Windows 1703 but it's really old Intel gfx hardware (i.e. WDDM 1.1) and on top of that the DVI output doesn't work anymore, so I can't test this on my TV before updating my HTPC to 1703. :(