Windows 10 64 bit compatibility

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by biyahero, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. biyahero

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    I was shocked to learn of the demise of SlySoft today, and encouraged that the former team members have carried on as RedFox.

    I am very curious as to who or what entity would have the power to make them shut down if that can be known.

    Aside from that, I would like to know if the existing latest versions of the Slysoft programs will function OK if I install them on my recently upgraded machine that now has Windows 10 64 bit installe on it.

    Thanks for any information that would be available.
  2. Ch3vr0n

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    Works just fine.
  3. nebostrangla

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    AACS-LA with the help of the united states government. Specifically the trade czar then applied pressure on the Antigua government . The fine details are available for your viewing pleasure on this site amongst others.
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    Thanks nebostrangla! I'll look for and check out the details on this site.
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  6. Recycle

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    Late but I will confirm on Clean Fresh install of Windows 10x64 Pro with all same software installed as in Windows 7x64 had no problems with CloneCD.
  7. Ch3vr0n

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    Oh, only 6 months late :p
  8. Recycle

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    Gota make sure the O/S was stable enough before I went to 10. I had it since the free upgrade but from the horror stories I heard I was putting it off til I had no other choice but to go 10. I choose the more stable route before a clean install to insure a Windows Update would not hose my system drivers or hardware itself. They won't pay if 10 messed up my system.
  9. Clams

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    Pro is nice because you can defer the major upgrades and let the home users beta-test everything for you. :D
    I've been on 10-Pro since version 1511, now on 1607. I know 1703 is out there, it will likely get pushed to us Pro users by the end of the year.
    Horror stories? Any versions before 1511 were "bumpy", In fact Microsoft now calls 1511 the first "public release" as it were.
    I took the free upgrade to "flag" my motherboard and then put in a new SSD and a clean install of 1511 - never looked back.
    The Edge browser actually became "usable" in 1607 - I gave Firefox the boot a few months ago.
    And now that Windows 10 has so much market penetration - Windows Defender is not just "starting to shine" - it rocks.
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  10. David_B

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    That's funny because that's the reason I went with Pro, but I like beta testing stuff, so I usually end up upgrading immediately anyway. Of course I keep a CloneZilla backup on hand so that if (or more accurately, when) something goes wrong, the recovery is easy.