Win 10 Creators Update 1701 and AnyDVD HD

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  1. nitecrawler2

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    Just an FYI. I installed win 10 creators update version 1703 and AnyDVD quit working. My DVD/Blue Ray drive was no longer recognized by AnyDVD or AnyDVD was no longer associated with the disc drive. Either way restarting did not work. The solution is uninstall AnyDVD HD completely, restart, reinstall AnyDVD HD, restart and voila it works. Hmmm... seemed a bit fishy to me but all's well that ends well. :)
  2. Adbear

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    Must have been an anomaly, I've updated quite a few machines and had no issues with AnyDVD
  3. Mr.Joshua

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    I have same issue, i tried reinstalling AnyDVD, "I made a Image restore first thank god" anyway was unable to boot BSOD error unable to locate boot device, this is not an anomaly this is MS on purpose trying to police the World telling us how we should use our PC by making sure any Backup Program "which is legal in Denmark" due to Copy-Dan we pay an extra fee on Blank DVD and CD in return we can make a Backup for personal viewing only but MS has made sure to put a stop to that with the feature update, so my lifetime anydvd is worthless i had a lifetime before also when it was not called redfox, i also have 2500 points in My Movies bought but now all those Programs thx to MS are worthless, MS said they are aware of the problem and a fix will be released asap, but this is a error that was discovered back when the tech's were released but still the feature update is released, breaking everything.
    This was not a error on MS side this was deliberate only reason they are saying the problem will be fixed are because of the user crying out, but trust me this is just the first step, and it will get worse the USA always wants to be the "Police" so how do you do that well you make a deal with the biggest software company, telling them give out "free upgrades" then slowly invoke restrictions on how we can use other programs dependent on MS products.
    I also use KODI which has a bad rep totally unfairly because of how you "could" use it" All my Movies are bought and paid i have tons of legal software all bought, but after the feature update playback of my movies i backed up on my HD are not watchable after the feature update.
    I upgraded PowerDVD16 to 17 just to be able to enjoy my "legal" movies.
    Lets see how long that last, i think this is the beginning of something bad the PC "stands for Personal Computer" but we are being told discreetly how we should use our PC.
    So if you you are a Windows users, buckle up its going to be a bumpy ride, and we ain't going to Win"dows", i played around with UNIX and LINUX in my youth i am 44 years old i have 20 years experience with Computers, i have worked as a Admin "PC department" for a local AUDI company in my Country, i have programming experience, i have worked as a Supporter, i can Fix most stuff myself, i help the people in my Town with their PC related problems, and everything else :D.

    But the last 10 years i have run Windows only, well it seems its time to get back to basic and start playing around with Linux again, i just hope enough people do the same so the software company's start developing software, like what we have for Windows and making it user friendly for Linux, so my advice get a old PC put a Linux distro on it start messing around hard at first, but then it gets fun
    Thank you
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    Mr. J you are jumping to conclusions. No one is more aware that Microsoft is a founding member of AACS-LA than I am, but <waves hand> "these are not the droids you're looking for".
    Based on the original post and Adbear's experience above, and Jeff, Nightcrawler, and Redfox1 below, - the problem seems to be (uniquely) at your end. They did not need an "image restore", and you taking such a drastic step, likely hosed your PC. But feel free to scream on about the "PC Police"..... :D

    1. Creators Edition has been out for a while now - and today is first we hear of any issues.
    2. Major upgrades to Windows 10 have been breaking 3rd Party programs right along, a re-install (of the program - not windows) usually fixes it all.


    PS: I have 8 PC's on the property, all on Windows 10 Pro with major upgrades deferred.
    By the time I see them - the home users have tested the bugs out for me. <EG>
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  5. Jeff53404

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    I didn't have any issues with any programs going to the creator version. While I wasn't thrilled with some of the changes, all programs continued to work.
  6. nitecrawler2

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    Yeah, must have been an anomaly. We see plenty of those. :) It quit working after the first boot after installing win10 1703 but reinstalling AnyDVD would not have fixed it if something more nefarious was involved.
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  7. RedFox 1

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    I updated two of my bench testing machines to Creators and there were no issues with RedFox programs.