Will Clone CD rip DVD movies

Discussion in 'CloneCD' started by action1, May 30, 2008.

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    After looking at the product reviews, it seems to me that Clone CD will do the same thing that Clone DVD will do. I'm looking to rip DVDs to an external hard drive and was wondering what software should I get.
    Also, I was looking at the Game Jackal. Wouldn't Clone CD enable you to make a virtual drive that you could mount a game CD to and play the game from the virtual drive? Thank you in advance for any help.
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    1. CloneCD creates and burns disc images. For DVDs you can either create .ISO images or .DVD images.
    2. CloneCD does not allow you to remove any content from the DVD that you are ripping. You also cannot make a DVD9 disc fit on a DVD5 blank.
    3. Images created by CloneCD will have to be mounted to be viewed by most software media players and CloneCD cannot do that. If you rip to an ISO then you can mount the image with Virtual CloneDrive among other programs. If you rip to .DVD image files then you'll need Virtual CloneDrive to mount those images since I am unaware of any other program that handles the format.
    4. CloneCD simply does not handle game protections the way Game Jackal does. For gaming purposes Game Jackal is the better option and it allows you to play your games without needing discs without having to make an image of the entire original disc.

    Having said the above, CloneCD is a great program and I registered it years ago.
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