Will a HD-DVD Player work on a SDTV?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by odd_function, Sep 1, 2007.

  1. odd_function

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    Im thinking of buying a HD-DVD Player and what I would like to know is will a HD-DVD player play HDDVDs in a regular standard TV set? In other words, will a HD DVD Player work on a SDTV?
  2. DetroitBaseball

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    I believe so.
  3. Zeratul

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    you wont gain much from the quality enhancements though
  4. James

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    Are you in a PAL or NTSC country?
  5. odd_function

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  6. odd_function

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    So, if I purchase a HD DVD Player Are you guys 100% sure it will at least play. On an Regular not HDTV but on an Standard TV just checking...james... I answered your question....:bowdown:
  7. sondeterra

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    1. The HDDVD or BLURay must have composite or S=Video outputs and the TV must have same inputs. 2. The HDDVD or BRay must downscale the HDDVD or BluRay content[not upscale] check the player specifications.
  8. odd_function

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    HD DVDs will not work unless you display the resolution at 480i or 480p SDTV.
    If you choose the 1080p HD DVD HD resolution it will display NOTHING :)
    So, if you wanna see movies in HD you must purchase a HDTV thats all. :D
  9. deaacs

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    I'd recommend buying a HD-TV instead. With the HD-TV you can at least benefit from HD broadcasts - but a HD-DVD player will just depreciate in value while you're not getting the benefit of HD. You can always buy one later when the price comes down.
  10. TM2-Megatron

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    Yeah, I agree. To buy a HD-DVD player now would be a total waste... and not only because you don't have a TV to take advantage of the quality improvement. Why waste hundreds of dollars on a player when it won't look any different than a regular DVD? Both HD formats still cater to something of a niche market made up of people who either a) live for movies and want the best equipment to watch them at any given time; b) have too much money for their own good; or c) the ego-strokers who simply want to prove something by having the best of the best, even though they have no appreciation for picture and sound quality anyway.

    A good HDTV is still pretty expensive, as well. Granted, you can buy one for around (or less than) $1000, but I've never seen an HDTV in this price range that had a picture that great... certainly not enough better to justify the cost, as well as your increased cable bill if you choose to upgrade that as well. For the moment, I've just bought a CRT HDTV... good flat-panels still cost thousands, and I prefer having a TV that can alter its resolution to match what you're watching, whereas LCD and plasmas are stuck at their HD resolutions. Regular broadcasts look terrible on a flat-panel HDTV.

    And finally, it still looks like Blu-Ray is in the lead. Probably better to hold off on buying any of this stuff until the winner is clear.
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  11. oldjoe

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    If the HD-DVD Player has output jacks to match the TV...... Yes it will work.